Haven't been able to launch ow for a year still no help

I’ve had the same bug happening for a year now and I can’t launch OW at all, I’ve done all the steps on the technical support page and anything I can find from YouTube videos, sent 3 support tickets with my logs and they’ve given me no information or help except for what’s already on their support page. cool stuff thanks peeps for the help


Your support tickets for this account that I can see are about login issues not remembering your password but these were extremely older. Quick call out just to be safe: If you submit a live chat but don’t talk to anyone that does not get converted to a ticket, it’s closed out. You either need to submit a ticket or make sure you wait till someone answers the live chat.

When you attempt to launch Overwatch what exactly happens? Does the game crash with a blackscreen or never show up?


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The game goes to a quick blank screen on startup, then exits right after.


The most common reason for this issue is due to Razer software. We have the workaround listed in our Known Issues thread located Here. If you believe you did these steps to fully remove the software, you may wish to contact Razer support as they have another method to remove the software.

If you never had a razer product used on your system and never installed razer software on the system. Please post up your Dxdiag for us to review. Copy the dxdiag contents into your reply, highlight the text then select the code block icon </>. This action will help us review the information faster.

Thank you!