Have you PLAYED this thing recently?`


This season was the first since season 10 or so that I dropped about 400 SR to gold…
Got back up, hardstuck plat again :smile:


idk I am climbing, mb your friends not playing enough


Zelda/Kapoof has posted the exact same crap for 3 years, and even rejected coaching (and even boosting, which he claims doesn’t even exist in this game) because he claims that no matter what, Blizzard will intentionally give him “the worst teammates” when he gets hot and starts winning a lot. Dude’s even more of a lost cause than Cuthbert (the dude who made the handicapping topics series).


It’s almost like this season has different balance changes than last season. :scream:


It really comes down to balance changes and not everyone adjusting to it fast enough. I lost 500 sr but that I accept that most of that is my fault from picking my main (Zen) even if the enemy is diving me too hard. I started playing Lucio more to when it starts happening which helped. Players need to adjust to the changes in the game. My 500sr loss (while seeing thowers on the way down) was entirely my fault.

Everytime you lose a ton of SR, take your time to learn what is different and what you as an individual can do to become better. Practice heroes you’re not used to playing so much so when you do get back to “your rank” you can fill different roles as needed. I picked up Soldier last night after being a flex support player for over a year and a half, and I had a ton of fun. The change in role helped me enjoy the game in a new light and that enjoyment lead to me tilting less and winning more.


I have always sat around high plat, low diamond in the early seasons (2-5/6). Last season, it wasn’t until I dropped down to low-mid gold that I found the same type of players as the early game Diamonds.

If your reason is that I was always X rank so I should stay X rank then you’re not actually keeping up with the playerbase changes.

A bunch of forum goers complain that this game is dying and people are quitting. That’s going to push T500, GM, M downwards to meet the bell curve and trickle all the way down to bronze. The fact that your rank is 2 lower shouldn’t even be a problem from a balanced matches standpoint because you are playing the same exact players that you were playing before. This only becomes an issue if all you play competitive for is the comp points at the end of season.

So you can either accept that SR/rank is not an identifier of your own personal skill.
You can deny it which means you’re saying that Overwatch population is still as good as ever.


Don’t worry, Overwatch 2 will fix it :smiley:


Thats not really genuine. Its only a small part of the story.

The more significant factor is that comp SR has a forced bell curve distribution. If you are low bronze or GM you won’t notice quite so much. But for people in the middle they will be pushed down as the lower half left OW for Fortnite and Apex legends etc.


Competitive still feels better imo, the match making at least puts slightly more effort into balancing the games than in quick play. that’s why i’ve switched.


Funny you should say that.

After the loads of games I was doing on QP (and after not playing competitive for say 6 seasons) I went ahead and thought, I’d like to do the same on Competitive.

I’ve been having more fun.


so? quit trying to climb up and play with friends. comp is still a crap show in smurfs and ult accounts.


Funny, i log on today after having all those unwinnable games vs. smurfs yesterday, that i KNOW are not Silver…

… and today i see actual silvers. What you’d expect to see in silver.

Except… why did i have a string of smurf games? And then LOG OUT, only to return the next day to totally different games?

This means exactly what i’ve been saying. Silver is not the same for everyone, at any given time. It changes, based on your recent play. YOUR Silver today is not MY silver today. I’m on some sort of a forced losing streak. The next day, it’s gone.

It’s like playing a single player FPS on Normal Difficulty, and when you turn it to HARD Difficulty, you can plainly see the difference. Not in your play. In the enemies.


Why would it be changing, while the matchmaker tries to do things it shouldn’t be doing?

It’s rigged. In some way. It’s not natural. It’s not fair. If it was fair. Silver games would always feel like Silver games. Not unwinnable BS in one session, for 7 games straight. Then the next day, easy as hell games all day.

It’s exactly as people have complained. It’s handicapping games, and trying to do some tricks with matchmaking that it has no business doing.


Quarters likes to stretch the truth.

I don’t reject coaching. I’ve got one.

I don’t hire boosters. Because for real, you can look it up, Boosters don’t guarantee anything close to what they used to. Know why? Because the system is too hard to boost in now a days. Because even high level players are getting stuck in ranks lower than their skill, due to this game’s system that will force an even match each game. HOW does it do that? But sandbagging the better players with horrible players. Meaning, boosters can’t do it any more. Literally read reddit posts about it, and it’s a real thing. I guess you COULD still get a booster, but they promise only 8 wins or so. They simply can NOT pull you up to masters or something.

By the way, today i had another two games in a row of total smurfs on the other team. Pretty much two unwinnable games in a row. Again. As reward for ranking up a bit. Not a rank that i can’t handle. A rank that i’ve seen a million times. But somehow, another magical stretch of idiot games. Again. For the 1000th time.

If you can’t see it, you’re blind.

Devs: Look In To The Losing Streaks

I’m stretching the truth, yet everything you posted, in particular the “sandbagging the better players with horrible players”, isn’t stretching the truth?


This in its entirety is why I don’t even play Competitive anymore. The higher you go, it’s not an issue of who has the most braindead players, it’s who has the most arrogant players/toxic streamers on their team.


I’m sure. I have more fun right now just practicing Hanzo aim in custom game and QP. And really there’s so many other games and just other things to do in life that the aggravation and time spent trying to climb ranks is in no way worth the time investment.


The last Comp match I played was in Season 11…and our team had a female streamer throwing as Battle Mercy just to entertain her bottom feeder viewers and make some $$$ by griefing a GM team.

Never touched it again since…everybody claims their rank is ELO-hell, not the case, you’ll find arrogant and selfish people in every rank.

I mostly just play QP and Arcade nowadays, I’m having more fun in those two game modes, to top it off.


My friends, people are finally seeing what I have been trying to teach for 2 years now, the matchmaker is rigged and is to be forcing matches to win or lose in many cases. I honestly believe that if a person does not see the matchmaker is rigged they are in denial or is some very special person.


People get better every season it’s not just you.when the game first started team wipe from hanzo ult was common but not anymore


Everybody thinks they are better than they actually are. I have this account in low gold that i used to play with friends in silver who quit, and another in high plat that im climbing on. I recently started to play this one in low gold now and again and I constantly get abuse about my dps being bad from clueless teammates.