Have you gotten in?

How does one apply to be a Blizzard Community Manager? I am highly interested.

Step 1: Sell your soul to the devil

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Man, I eventually went to bed and wake up to find I still can’t get in.


Just woke up. Tried again . No success. :cry::hatched_chick: i literally bought the watchpoint pack at it’s release date because i love overwatch and that it was out at my exact birthday date. And now am here with thousands of players waiting and waiting and waiting while some who don’t have the pack at all are playing and enjoying the game… and i see also that some do not even have their paid thingies in the game yet .

I’m shocked. I defended the game , the monetization, the way it changed 6v6 to 5v5 because i loved those and now I’m becoming a doomer because of a ddos attack and a lack of informations… they should give a reward to apologize for the delay… to everyone not only to the ones like me that own the pack.

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Step 2: Steal a jug of breastmilk.


i wouldn’t even dare to volunteer for trying to defend blizzard as a company in any way, shape, or form. you’d have to offer me millions of dollars just to do it for a day. this company is so awful that having to try and actually paint them in a positive light controversy over controversy would have me ripping my own teeth out just so i could feel a less painful sensation than having to defend blizzard entertainment.


Step 3 give Blizzard your bank account number


My accounts were merged…i saw a locked symbol and kiriko and assumed that meant i couldnt play her…so i bought the premium pass…little did i know that locked symbol just meant you cant play her in competitive and i already owned her lol great communication on blizzards part!


are u on pc? if so add me on discord ItsCobe#1003 and ill get u past the q

When will be the merge problem fixed? Besides the DDos attack, the merge problem is a huge problem for many players.


Nope. Been trying throughout the day between PS5 and PC and cant get passed the queue.


Yeah that’s basically my experience down to a T.


For long enough to confirm that I also didn’t get my watchpoint stuff or the Battle Pass…then it kicked me out again.

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Same, I got in for like 10 seconds, didn’t have my Watchpoint stuff, but had all my skins at least. I bought Kiriko’s Golden Knives/Ofuda… tried to enter the training range and then got kicked.

Got in again and now all my heroes are locked, this is such a mess haha


Got in . Had enough to buy 4 golden weapons :hatched_chick:. No Widowmaker noir skin tho :cry: and no watchpoint pack stuffs

I WAS able to get in at 5:00pm and now its 12am and I get the login error code AGAIN.

Hi folks,

No additional updates to share tonight (it is 12:18 AM as of this post). The community team will keep checking in on things in the forum first thing in the morning, and we’ll update you as we’re able.

For those still waiting, thank you


Almost 6:30pm here and I’ve been trying to get into the game since 7am, so over 11 hours for me at this point.

Does this mean that the devs have called it for the day, or are they still working on the issue? Some of us would still like to be able to play the game today if possible, especially considering I took the day off work to play Overwatch 2. I could’ve worked a full day and would’ve only been waiting 3 hours thus far if I had.

I know games can have day 1 launch issues but 11 hours? This is ridiculous. It’s beyond a joke at this point.

And it’s not like we can even go back and play Overwatch while we wait for the technical issues and bugs to be resolved, either!

There better be a real good compensation pack on offer for your players after this complete and utter debacle.


Xbox Console player from the United Kingdom
Attempted sign in from 8pm GMT - to - 12am GMT
Persistent failures
It is now 08:26 am
Persistent failures in the form of LO-208 error

I’d appreciate it if blizzard would either let me into the game they are forcing as a substitute to OW1 or, as an alternative, return overwatch to its clearly more stable predecessor