Have you gotten in?

glitter i keep tryna tell ppl this trick i figured out and not many people making use
(or EU but only after u try asia)
when game opens and it says connecting to server, on the bottom middle theres orange button that says cancel
then u have to login in the game
and once u do it, it should log u in and bypass the filter
if it says error logging in over and over try again and theres a 50% chance it works ish
i promise this is no lie ive been bypassing and i told all my friends in my server

Can you tell me what the PC workarounds are? Have this on PC and still can’t connect after 5 hours

58B valuation and incapable of launching a game properly or understanding its community.

I’m not sure of the specifics since it wasn’t really relevant for me. It had something to do with switching your servers. I heard most people were switching to Asia and a fair amount going to Europe servers. Hope things work out man. This mess is so frustrating.

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Hiya folks,

Game Director Aaron Keller just shared this information.

To echo what he said here… we are steadily working through the issues and a second DDOS attack.

Still here, will update as we can


Jesus a second wave of attacks? These people are commited wtf

10 hours before the guy in charge of the game has a word to say and he says basically nothing.

This is so embarrassing.


Thanks for the update, don’t stress yourselves. The Forums users are just addicts that need their fix of Overwatch. Crankiness will pass


There aren’t any DDOS attacks, be real


I’m really not convinced there’s been a ddos attack at all. Definitely not knowledgeable in that department, but EU and Asia servers are up and U.S. streamers are somehow having a suspicious lack of issues with their games. This isn’t a small Indie game company, you’re a $60b company that was bought by a $1.8T company. I just don’t buy it that some Doomfist main in his parents’ basement got mad at the game and put one of the world’s largest gaming company’s servers on life support with a free-trial booter.

Y’all just gonna keep having an auto-post bot type “We’re experiencing ddos attack #____, no ETA blah blah, we’ll keep you updated blah blah,” every 1-2 hours or so?


Nearly 10 hours and I still haven’t even seen the Title Screen yet.
I haven’t even been lucky enough to get in for 5 seconds and get kicked out.
This is pathetic.


Nope I just gave up… 8+ hours dedicated to trying to play and nothing!! Super disappointed :-1:


Also, why is this information shared this way?

First it was the blizzard president, now it’s aaron keller. Ya’ll know you have an official twitter for the game, right? Why are these updates not going out where people will see them? Why is this update in a comment on this thread specifically, linking to a twitter thread of a game director? People follow @PlayOverwatch, not Aaron Keller.

The guy who made a big deal out of “We recognize we haven’t communicated well” and then you guys keep not communicating well and now during the release of the game you delayed OW development for over 3 years, the communication is randomly tossed on random twitter accounts linked to in random threads on the forums.


I believe the “DDoS attack” was just what they told us to make us all say kumbaya and stop giving them heat. I definitely think its a front for their blatant lack of preparation and foresight.
Not only the constant errors and inability to login, but the cell number issues too… everything that could have went wrong did go wrong it seems.


I was wondering why the official OW account wasnt giving updates, too


I’m mostly upset because everyone else on my friends list who hasn’t played OW in years are playing now.

That should be my game, not yours!!


The official OW account said that the blizzardCS account would be giving updates. They have not given a single update. Complete silence for 9 hours now. I have no idea what they’re doing.


Because they dont want the mass media coverage, they know ow2 will get review bombed because alot of reviews for the game are yet to come out

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What do you want him to say man? They’re gonna be working through the night because children can’t be bothered to take a shower

I get through the login queue just fine, but then the game gives me a “Failed to Connect to Game Server” message and quits.