Have you gotten in?

Which server? I had problems and this is what I did to finally get in. I did a Scan and Repair (cog next to play button) once this was done I went to the Europe server and got in immediately. The NA server still doesn’t work for me but my buddy on NA was able to invite me to group even though I was in EU.

If you haven’t tried it already give it a shot.


Why are you getting so heated, dude. There’s zero reason for it.


fairly sure they’re on console, like a lot of the other people having issues. just looked up from a forum scroll and I have another LC-208 error lol.


It’s mostly console players (from what I can tell) that are struggling to get in since we can’t change our regions.


I keep getting booted to the back of queue, and it usually makes me input my login information again every time? Idk if anyone else has been having that specific issue…

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Ah gotcha, I merged my account with my Xbox but I haven’t tried it on there yet.

For those that haven’t seen this yet it explains what they’ve done/are doing.

Overwatch 2 Launch Status Update - Announcements - Overwatch Forums (blizzard.com)


If I am correct I think you can change your region on the settings, system, language and location once you get there change location.

This is for Xbox though no idea for PlayStation users, sorry! but if this idea works I will Google and find out for you.

I don’t know if that will actually do anything but I’ll give it a go.

I’m still getting Error Code LC-208 no matter what :((


Still can’t login and get the same error message like always. Now they even lying to us

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I still have not been able to logon to my console. They definitely did not fix the account merge bug. My partner has no problems in signing on and he didn’t do the account merge. Where as myself and my mate who had done it before the launch still cannot login. Here’s the kicker I made a new account and attached my little sisters number so I wouldn’t have to account merge. it was logged in after the queue went down, no error code “LC-208” or anything like that, just about a 5min wait then logged in. Felt a bit betrayed as I have been waiting to play on my main account for over 30 hours

Update: cannot log into my main account on pc either, I’ve tried changing regions… definitely seems like they did not fix the account merge bug


It’s earned them a spot on my ignore list, that’s for sure.

I don’t need their bs on top of what’s already been a frustrating couple of days!


Yeah I haven’t been able to play at all lmao


Me too,so tired of this crap

i mean sure its ur opinion but like i want this account cuz i had many cosmetics on it plus its not like im smurfing my rank or something cuz its the same rank as my main one i just have it as a backup for situations like these days w overwatch 2

Sorry. I see the word smurf and my brain automatically associates that with evil.


I’m still unable to log in, my queue reaches zero and then the game instantly disconnects me. Its been doing it for the last 5 hours for me


i understand ur pain and im totally with u on this one and me my self im not a fan of smurfing either but i really dont find any harm on having a backup accound just in case tho if they do close it i guess too bad


It’s not a DDOS attack cause nobody is purposely doing it

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Yes exactly! That’s the same damn error code ive been getting since launch…just upset that there’s no update, we are just left in the dark…despite me and others paying for the battle pass :sweat:

Maybe if you could just grasp the simple concept of what they were trying to explain, then they wouldn’t have gotten so frustrated.

It was pretty clear that they were trying to say that ONE issue being fixed didn’t mean that you could get in, as there are multiple issues and while that ONE might not be proventing you from logging in, another still might be. There isn’t a way to determine what issue was providing you the error, as the error you described covered multiple issues.

Not sure if you were being purposely dense to annoy them, but it was annoying to read you spin your wheels to their explaination over and over.