Have you gotten in?

I loved OW1. I loathe OW2


I felt this. I was playing a lot of BR games leading up to OW2’s release just to pass the time and so I didn’t burn myself out on OW before it released. Just for this, I even set aside plans just to make time for it.

Just a heads up guys, there is a new, updated response to the current issues on a different thread entirely. Make sure to check the Blizz Tracker tab to find out that most recent link.


same problem! it’s literally taken longer for them to implement Overwatch 2 than its taking them to fix their servers.

Bruh i can relate with the setting aside of plans to man which I most likely should not have done cause im just prolongueing it but atill i was so hype just for it to slapp me in the face


here you go


Im not gonna lie I really dont see this as that much of an issue my friend had this issue and i told him get in contact with a cloase friend and borrow the number. But there in lies the issue, you should not be subjected to using someone esles number

Thank you for sharing. I’m glad they are finally telling us something about what is going on.

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awesome, should’ve done that! Thank you!

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Yeah, it sucks when stuff like this happens, I said it earlier, but this is the first Blizzard game I have tried to play launch day, as I’m sure it is for a lot of other people, in the future, I’ll probably just wait a few days if I’m excited for a new Blizzard game just to see if things are running smoothly and let plans fall through lol.

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No. No it is not. I merged my console and PC accounts and I still cannot log in.


nothing about people who get login error


The bug that’s being said is resolved isn’t resolved our side. Hopefully it’s being rolled out and tomorrow will be live… fingers crossed!

I switched my region to Japan it had a queue of 30 and then I was eventually able to get in and have been playing steadily for about an hour now


PC or Console becausse if console pls tell me how

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What are you playing on? I’m on switch AND ps4 trying to at least get to the menu screen :sob:

This is exactly my experience. Not even making it past the queue. The 1 and only time I got in my account was wiped, and I got kicked after 15 mins. Back to endless queue loop. -__-

i played 10min since the start, today i didnt succeed to beat the waiting screen tutorial Boss.
But i enjoyed my 10mins so far, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa more pls
also idk if console player can go to asia, maybe vpn but i dont have one, im on EU and i have ppl playing ez and me, hopefully i have things to do on side (not really)
lets hope!
Im 300 in Q atm, i’ll edit or reply again to say if i won

Edit: RIP, waiting screen launch the LC-208 spell AGAIN
its 4.30am goodnight guys

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This is day two and still haven’t seen the menu screen, I’m on Console and it feels like this is going to be an endless queue until they finally fix it in a week. Extremely disappointed.


I can’t get into Overwatch 1. I don’t want to play this trash version