Have you ever noticed this about support

Every support really doesn’t have to aim to heal why don’t we get more Ana like supports?

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Let’s make reins hammer aim to hit only on the crosshair


Healing can be that way… but they have too much sustain… brig, bap, lifeweaver, kiroko, Iliari

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I don’t think that is really an issue.

The raw healing output is the problem.


Oh I’m by no means saying it is all that. But I would like another character that plays like her as support

ana is the worst designed Support beside ilari

Ilari, zen, bap, wifeleaver …

Not real sim that’s all assisted.bap you can shoot by someone and heal them. You can’t compare aiming as Ana to illari bap and life weaver lol. Most healing is done by illaris turret also

Yes, everyone has noticed this, supports are ruining the game because they are buffed to deal with one tank and it’s awful, it’s headshot or nothing for a DPS and it needs changes

Dive is being nullified, poke is too. The more agile and heal no-skill, brawl reign supreme.