Have devs said what they want to do with Supports recently?

I seem to recall they might have avoided the topic but kinda unsure.

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They want them to be as unfun as possible, since outright removing them would cause to much backlash.


Supports are so incredibly useless in the game it’s terrible. Every win is a win without them.


Probably DPS with mild healing is their goal now.


No, but here’s what I got, so far:

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what does this mean? her dart duration lasts 5 seconds until interrupted

Not really, heroes like Ana have insane carry potential


It’s got a minimum duration including the fall-down/get-up animations if 1.5sec.

Longer than a Mei Freeze.

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There is a short grace period after being hit by the sleep dart where you can take damage and not be woken up.

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Unfun? Most of them are DPS at this point. All Blizzard cares about it dmg. The next thing to do would remove all heals altogether. Which they’ll most likely save for OW2.


I’m into the Brig changes and Mercy with a better pistol, but I feel like giving her Mercy’s passive and self heal on Inspire is going to make her a monster…and now that I say that I realize that’s exactly what they’re going to do in OW2.

What does 35 damage on bash get her? Does it change some breakpoint significantly? Dropping stun feels like a pretty big nerf.

It’s 35 bash, but with an instant cooldown refresh on bash after whipshot.

Primary + Bash + Whip + Bash
35 + 35 + 70 + 35 = 175 damage

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I honestly wouldn’t mind if they made supports slightly more DPS-ish

Also I would love to see Symmetra and Sombra in the support class

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That will certainly ruin some flankers’ days.

But maybe not ranged flanking.

Brig weakness is staying far away from her and shooting at her, specially Splash damage is good against her.

If you queue dodge, supports are fine now, but I don’t pick support to rack up kills. The writings on the wall, they don’t want heals in this game, glad I left to better games.

What’s wrong with supports?

I mean, most supports are not that bad right now (Except Moira and Brig)

Just okay, and nothing,more. Anytime a support is fun, people start whaling about “OP! Nerf now”, and “Too easy value, intaferin’ wit mah skill!” Ana is the exception, but that’s it.


Same with IF.

‘Wah my kill got saved and I can’t kill them again in the 25s window’