Hateful and sexist players

Yeah, you’re the real victim in all of this. You tell her.


I’ma be honest, awareness is great and all but

wth did I just read?


I’d bet money dude wears a maga hat.


It absolutely is relevant since we’re discussing toxicity as a whole here. It’s not just a gender related thing. You can argue about semantics all you want in regards to WHY it’s happening, but toxicity is toxicity, man. You’ll hear waaaaaaaaaaaay more toxic comments about gameplay in OW than toxic comments about someone’s gender (again, mainly because male players outweigh female ones, so it’s not surprising the scales are tipped a bit here).

Yeah, meanwhile, there’s an even higher chance you’re gonna get dumped on, girl or otherwise, just by your pick in the beginning. Let’s not pretend like this is just a gender thing here. Toxic individuals don’t give a **** what gender you are, lol. They’re just horrible people in general and fling insults and toxicity indiscriminately towards everyone around them.

Never claimed I was the “real” victim. I was just pointing out that guys have to deal with it way more often because there’s more of us and it’s kind of ridiculous that people just give it a free pass or ignore it because “oh, well you’re a guy, so it’s expected”. The fact that you came in here with a sarcastic remark instead of agreeing that toxicity as a whole is a problem basically solidifies that mentality.

Not even sure what was so surprising about this.

Males outweigh females in this game. Therefore, statistically speaking, it’s more likely for males to encounter toxicity more often than females in this game. I’m not really giving you a mindblowing revelation here or anything. Toxicity is wrong on all fronts, but it’s certainly not a “girls only” club where they’re the only ones having to deal with this trash.

I don’t wear any hats actually, but I’m glad you were so quick to assume my political affiliation because of my “wrongthink” and telling people that toxicity as a whole is bad, and that guys have to go through this **** all the time, even worse than girls do because there’s just more of us in the game (statistically speaking anyway).

Just because someone isn’t agreeing with you doesn’t mean you have to create a boogeyman as a defense.

“Oh, his opinion is different from my own. Yeah, they’re obviously a Trump supporter.”

How close-minded do you have to be to try and bring up politics into a discussion like this? It’s not even close to being relevant. Anyway, looks like you lost that bet, so I guess it’s a good thing you were only betting Monopoly money on this. Have fun with your mental gymnastics though.

Gonna go ahead and mute this since some people are obviously under the wrong impression here about what I was saying. Not sure how you can misconstrue “sorry you went through that, OP, good luck in the future” and “guys have to go through this on a regular basis too and it sucks” into something bigoted and ignorant, but there ya go. Should probably just stay off the OW forums for a while if people are unironically gonna dog pile you for not agreeing with the hivemind.


sTatisTicAlLy speaking, this thread was not made about toxicity in general, it was made regarding the experience that women were having.

The origin and predominance of this thread was not about toxicity as a whole. You recognize that in your first post early on.

What you say might hold weight, but your approach was foul and disregarding of the subject matter at hand, and tbh pretty disrespectful in method for the most part.

I would consider re-constructing your approach. You might find you have less backlash.

I really dont want to seem like im downplaying this but men also get the abuse from these people. They just try to find something that gets under your skin and pick at it until you rage. But yeah the best advice that there is is mute block report.

There’s no way on Earth you can change mindsets of everyone who plays this game (or other online games). And putting a moderator in every single match to immediately ban them is also impossible because Blizzard can’t afford it.

I’m not a woman but I just gave up on voice chat long ago because of all the toxicity. Some people find it bad, saying that i essentially play a team game like a single player – but whatever, I perform better in a match when no one is yelling at me how badly i suck at this game (even if it’s not true in this particular match).

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They don’t, that’s just one option.

You don’t “have to deal” with them, jesus christ, are you even reading what I’m saying to you?

You either deal whit them or you leave comms. What the hell do you think are other options? Are we gonna implement chips ito human brains and control their behavior and emotions? Are we gonna stop 7 billion people from experiencing hardships and adversaries and never feeling anger and spite in their lives? How?

Grow up, take responsibility, and use the report system or learn to deal whit them.

Stuff like this will be insta used against you. It’s stupid, pick up any history book and see what happens when people implement aggressive systems like these, see how it bites them in the as* in the course of no less than a month.

It’s impossible. Children are abused and bullied and then become bullies - they buy a video game and vent in it - how do you stop this? do we monitor every household on the planet and implement bans on buying video games if the kids are angry so nobody ever experiences bullies in the first place? You can’t change human nature - it sucks, but that’s how life is. The only thing you can change is you and then teach others how to deal with it.

Step one - learn to forgive. It may sound gay, but it does miracles and actually changes the world for the better, including the abusers.

nono “let’s have revenge”
Give me a break.

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Kinda agree with Nevera: bullying and harassment sucks, but nobody can eradicate it because it’s hardwritten in human nature. It’s the vicious circle: children abused by their parents grow up to abuse their own children and domestic partners, kids bullied at school vent by bullying others on the internet… It’s not an excuse, but it’s the reason.

It’s actually good there are games like GTA where people can put their anger so they don’t feel the urge to do the same IRL (like multiple mass shooters).

I actually know a sci-fi novel (forgot the name, the author is probably Scheckley) about a futuristic society where humans eventually built a utopia by eradicating agression, sadism and other negative traits via genetic modification. But here’s the kicker: progress almost stopped because very few people have motivation to risk anything to change anything. So they created a colony on another planet where they put the few who are immune to this betrization, and this planet is built on brutal version of social darwinism: the more people you can kill without getting caught – the higher your status, etc. And most of their new ideas and discoveries comes from that planet.

Not advocating social darwinism, but agression is a double-edged sword: it can be used offensively to harm others – but also defensively to protect yourself and others.

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Imagine thinking that using a program to cheat in a video game is more harmful than people repeatedly dehumanizing other people.


In the scenario given, it as a matter of fact IS.

You CAN mute people who say stupid crap.

You CANT do anything about an aimbotter or hacker other than hope the system picks them up and cancels the match.

A problem that you have no control over is DIRECTLY MORE HARMFUL than one you do have control over.


It is a random troll on the internet, why are you letting them effect you so much?

Holy christ, perhaps the problem is you.

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You dont have to do anything about cheaters. Blizzard proactively hunts cheaters down and bans them without any request from players.

I’ve been seeing mainstream and gaming news announcements about Blizzard banning cheaters from their games for decades now. By the thousands. Not one or two thousand bans. But bans with numbers as high as 25,000, 50,000, or even 75,000 account bans.

I’ve never seen Blizzard ever announce that they banned even as many as 100 accounts for racist, sexist, or ableist slurs. And again, it shows.

Cheaters are a rarity.

Jerks who can’t keep their mouth shuts or avoid typing slurs? Dirt common. Encountered daily.

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They dont hold nearly as much of an impact as cheaters do when they appear.

Just because you choose to look at the words instead of blocking them out doesn’t mean blizzard is doing a bad job.


Sad to me that this post has been flagged :sleepy:

Yes it’s obvious they are frustrated, but like they said they just finished the game so they were clearly a little upset - put yourself in the shoes of a female gamer who gets abused literally every time they play this game (or things like having avoiding voice comms to not be abused) and you might be a little more understanding.


I’m always amazed at how fast people complaining about sexism here get their posts flagged. It’s almost as if it is a related problem.


Or people realize the topic was a flame-baiting thread to mass report people who disagree with them.

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Thankfully in bronze I don’t see this kind of stuff often. Its probably because we are all bronze and realize we have no room to talk. lol. But when someone does say something stupid like that there is usually one or two people who tell him to shut up or tell the girl to just mute the idiot.

I’d imagine the higher in rank you go the more it happens because the more elite people feel they are. Which makes them feel like they are some how entitled to be a-holes now to anyone that they think is somehow less than they are.

Great to see you have identified yourself as part of the overall problem here :+1:

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Yeah I have heard that sexism isn’t very well handled in Overwatch. I’m sorry you have to put up with it, you shouldn’t have to

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