Has Jeff given up on mercy?

The overwhelming majority feels mass rez was a bad mechanic, idea, ability. Blizzard feels the same way evidently since they removed mass rez. The fact that the original iteration of Valkyrie was OP does not take away from the fact that mass rez was unhealthy and broken ability.

You can continue to try and convince people otherwise but these are the facts whether you like them or not. Call me a troll if you want but it is what it is.

That does not change the fact that is was easily repairable - that is what I’m trying to convey. Changes to make it less powerful such increased ult charge, and changes to make it less annoying - LOS requirements, enemies can see dead bodies, reduced radius and what not were all easy fixes. This iteration of Mercy, despite 10 and going on 11 nerfs has continued to prevail against all odds for nearly a year - making life for other support players difficult and dictating the meta for far too long. Mercy was never a must pick before her rework, no matter how many times you tell yourself. Mercy was mostly balanced just annoying. She needed tweaks, not a rework. The rework has clearly failed. Everyone who knows the definition of ‘nerf’ and can count to 11 can clearly see how big of an issue this is if a character can continue to be this strong despite 11 nerfs. Whether you have a personal vendetta on mass res is incredibly short sighted and also selfish if you can’t see the drastic impact this rework has had on the game. Old Mercy was the only state when the game was truly balanced and another rework is clearly in order.


If that was the case, Blizzard would have done it. LoS doesn’t change mass rez at its core - it deletes results, teamwork, efforts, coordination.

Ah so now I have personal vendetta against mass rez. :rofl: You are getting boring with inserting personal preconceived notions and feelings. Stop projecting your emotions on me. I only talk logic and facts.

I have still yet to see a proper comment on why Mercy is now boring. It seems to just be a go to criticism with no back up.

How is going from a slower less smooth flying time, an ult that most people just sat in a corner for a few mins.

To an ult that let’s you be free, fly about, actually be in the action, a new powerful ability, and smoother glide.

Like seriously all you have lost is play of the game. I garantee of if you played old Mercy. You would not enjoy it.

yawn you’re just getting so boring by attempting to assert your dominance using big words and trying to belittle my opinion based entirely on facts and logical inferences by referring to them as ‘feelings’ - you really intimidate me, thanks.

But in conclusion, I have said everything I wish to say, If you can’t even understand the perspective even if you don’t agree with the premise then I don’t know why you bother initiating conversations with anyone on the forums.

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The devs seem to have given up on a former hero. You cant really call Mercy anything besides a sidekick anymore. She only exist to enable others and with valk she will never be able to be more than that. Sad story but they dont care.

Edit: Also here is a thread for another rework.

Ahahaha, asserting dominace using big words. I’m sorry some words go over your head, that’s not really an issue with me unfortunately. “You really indimate me” - :rofl: The level of drama is surreal.

Except you yourself admit it and here’s a quote to support it.

speak or shout at length in an angry, impassioned way.

Again, nice personal attacks and projections but facts and empirical evidence are more relevant than feelings. Also you are the one engaging me in a debate - you lost so I don’t understand why you keep coming back for more? Your attempts at character assassination are just bad. Don’t engage in debate if you can’t back up your claims with something more substantial than touchy feelings.

The fun in playing Mercy before her failed rework was strategy. It’s a highly underrated skill, but it’s what made Mercy so engaging and fun. Only an idiot would play Mercy brainlessly. An actual Mercy player is constantly thinking, watching, planning on the fly.

Since it was easy for Resurrect to be countered if even ONE enemy teammate was smart, she had to learn to plan ahead two steps of her enemy, and punish enemy team that had poor strategy and poor ult economy.


Definition of Mercy: A hard to swallow pill that persists within the mouth of some OW players for a year or more.

So… Mercy fills a huge role that’s almost as mandatory as an anchor tank
Her only competition was one of the highest skill floors in the game
That hero also got nerfed into the ground with her counters making up the meta even if not executed perfectly

And somehow Mercy was able to thrive while the Pro’s considered her F tier.

Perhaps just perhaps it wasn’t a problem with Mercy?


Definition of Mercy
A failure that Blizzard is too prideful to get off their butts and change with 1.0 or 3.0


Just say whatever helps you sleep at night.

Time will tell the truth.

Uhm no? Impossible to make comparison first of all and second an anchor tank isn’t mandatory as evident from the popularity of dive.

At the time, yes.

For a time the Pros did consider her sub-optimal, yes. When you have perfect mechanical skill, Ana and Zen are better options. The large majority of players don’t.

I don’t understand what your point is based on the disjointed statements you make.

The issue with Mercy was that her kit all-around was substantially better than any of the other supports.

My sleep is unaffected by the state of the balance of a character in a video game. :joy:

Mercy’s kit from 1.0 was not beter then the other supports though, well except Ana post nerf

Let’s see:

Zen - 150hp poor Zen that could get one-shotted from a body shot by Widowmaker. Bursted instantly by any decent Tracer/Genji. Off-healer, cannot even make a comparison in terms of healing.

Lucio - Decent in the right hands and definitely a good pick but just didn’t cut it compared to mass rez. Even less of a good choice after the aura was given short range.

Symmetra - do I even need to go there?

Ana - only if you had good mechanical skill. If not, then no by a long shot. Also easily divable and killed by flankers. Same issue like Zen.

So I dunno what you are talking about mate.

Not just Mercy, whole of Overwatch tbh.

Once again, she was NEVER a must pick until the rework. No one has ever said otherwise until the past month or so, and I can only greatly question their memories. Or if they even played the game since launch. Beta, even.

And why would I need to address the rest of your post when the rest of it is based on something that simply isn’t true?

Do I really need to remind you that 1) Mercy has ALWAYS been a popular character, and people played her despite her state and 2) Mercy was one of THREE healers before Ana, so yeah, she, Zen, and Lucio were all going to be picked a fair amount. And clearly you’re neglecting the fact that Mercy received several buffs since launch to help her keep up with the other healers.


Go read any of Titanium’s threads. There. That’s your answer. Have fun.

Also, go read my response earlier in this thread. But Titanium breaks it down even further and more eloquently.

Hahahahahaha hehehhe hohoho. The only true part of that statement was that Blizzard didn’t like it. For goodness’ sake dude. Read the Mercy mega THREADS. Most people thought 2.0 was spawn of the devil and wanted mass rez back and were horrified something so insane got through the PTR.

While there were and remain many who did not like it, it was not an “overwhelming majority” that’s just funny. Troll harder dude.

Agreed. 2.0 is bland. She needs an overhaul.