Has Blizzard ever said why there aren't scoreboards?

You can make an argument that score boards would be toxic, but I think it’s actually more toxic because as a healer, I frequently get attacked for not healing enough. And yeah, gold medals don’t matter, but I think when Zenyatta is out-healing Moira, there’s a huge problem.

The team is right to complain about not getting enough heals, but I think if they were able to hit tab and see the raw numbers, instead of cursing me out, they would ask Moira what the hell she is doing?

Also from another standpoint, when my team is failing really hard, I would like to be able to look at the scoreboard and see what is happening. In the current iteration of the game, I see people blaming DPS the entire game, and then once the game is over, we see the scorecards and realize that our Symmetra was actually carrying with damage, but we had no way of knowing it and she just spent the last 15 minutes being harassed for playing a non-traditional damage character.

It would also make it easier to identify who the biggest threat on the enemy team is. Are we losing because no one is handling Tracer? Is it because their Reinhardt is getting a lot of kills? Are we ignoring a Zenyatta in the background?

It would also give me an idea of what I need to improve on. Are enemy healers significantly out-healing me every single game? Do I need to focus on healing more? DPS’ing more? Better objective time? etc.

I just don’t see how this would make the game worse to play. The same system actually already exists in pretty much every competitive game I play currently. Even in Starcraft 2 I’ve made the biggest adjustments in my game-play by looking at the score screen after the game was over and being forced to realize that the other Zerg players were out-performing in every way imaginable.

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I’ve been saying for a while that a proper scoreboard would be better for this game than the stupid medal system currently. Being able to check what your team is doing kill/heal/damage block etc is more information, and more information is always a good thing.


I think your OP really touched on why no scoreboard is better.

People are toxic. It’s a fact especially in gaming. A scoreboard during the match would just fuel that and lead to more blame being spread around.

Now a scoreboard displayed at the end like with WoW battlegrounds I could see as a valuable asset for some to look at and see their own stats to help them improve but even then it could lead to more false throwing reports at the end of matches ( and maybe even some legit ones ) so it’s a bit of a catch 22 in that case.

Don’t get me wrong I love stats and would love to see more of them but there has to be a point where a fun, friendly environment for all trumps that.

There was a scoreboard in alpha/beta

Yep there was…

I also developed a working scoreboard to use in Custom Games.

Not really attacking you because I genuinely want other people’s opinions since I’m naturally going to be biased about my own ideas. But I just wanted to point out that in World of Warcraft you can see the score board the entire game, and I use this to carry matches. I main a Rogue, and I find who the best DPS/HEAL on the enemy team is and I stay glued to them. I make it my goal to either keep the best enemy healer chain CC’d since I likely can’t solo kill them or make the ALPHA DPS player’s gaming experience hell. Even if I can’t kill him, I can slow him down a lot of by tunneling him repeatedly.

Yes please. Scoreboard for game forever.

Even if that were true it can speak to several different issues. The Moira for example could be heavily targeted by enemy flankers while the Zenyatta might have been lucky the match.

The tanks can just be playing stupidly and just exploding themselves into the enemy. Its amazing how many people do not wait to regroup after people die. They just throw themselves onto the point not waiting for the group to be within a reasonable distance to the area.

Therefore, her healing is poor and zenyatta’s is good because he can heal behind walls and range.

Numbers are not full justification to situations.

It would, definitely, you just give players more ammo to be toxic to one another.

So they can be toxic to the other DPS then? Even though medals mean next to nothing and many things can’t be measured with numbers alone.

This is part of having gamesense, if you have proper gamesense you know what the threat is.

This is a bit silly, you can ALWAYS improve everything, even the best players in the world are always improving their skills. Also you can look at replays if you want to have a better idea of your mistakes.

As someone who has played many other competitive games, I’m glad OW doesn’t have it, it just makes the game more toxic and it doesn’t really help in any real way.

Oh god no. When players can see updates to how much damage they need to deal to be on the top, they start padding the meters instead of helping the team. I’ve seen this in other games and it’s toxic.

Not a big PvP player so never looked at it until the end of matches in wow ( did get Sargeant title in classic but not much more than that ).

I’m still firmly against a scoreboard during matches. As a one trick player I hear enough vile things already and my concern especially at low SR ( I’m proudly bronze player ) where players are just not as good I feel it will feed into that too much.

I <3 statistics but I know they can be used negatively very easily in a PvP game environment.

Well for one, comparing different roles to each other is unproductive at best, and actually destructive for team cooperation at worst. The medal system is already doing this, and it should be changed so roles are not compared to each other anymore at the very least, but they’re not even doing that.

Scoreboards comparing roles to each other is even more asinine tbh.

I feel like score boards would actually protect one-tricks more than anyone else. As a healer, I’m usually more cognizant of what’s happening in the game since I’m the one healing everyone and I can see who is taking the most unnecessary damage, and who is getting the kills. This actually happened last night. We had a Bastion player who had over 1,000 hours as Bastion and nothing else. I noticed right away that he was absolutely destroying the enemy team and I even defended him afterwards, when our team said we lost because of an attack Bastion. He was literally the only person on our team killing anything, and I think if they were able to hit tab and see how much work he was putting in, they wouldn’t have said anything to him. But because they couldn’t see it, they pretty much spent 15 minutes raging at him rather than realizing he was the only reason our match was even competitive.

We need them, but they won’t even give us detailed ability information like cooldowns in the game. So this isn’t going to happen.

Honestly, I fear it may be too late at that point if they want this to be a COMPETITIVE game.

It’s circling the drain as is. Not many take it seriously anymore.

Again it cuts both ways.

I’ve had games where we won but I had more deaths than kills because I was singled out by a better player on the other team but because they focused me and I was able to keep them away from the objective by them hunting my mobile MEKA down all the time ( most of my kills were on them and a couple with my bunny gun ) my team was able to cap points easier.

Scoreboard would have shown my dismal stats and it would look like I was throwing the match when in reality I was making space for my team by being canon fodder for one of the better players on the other team.