Has blizzard ever adressed this?


Do you ever saw blizzard saying something about their mistakes? Nope too proud for that.


Hopefully the next heroes finally give the game something truly good. I didnt even like Ashe if Im honest. Bob and dynamite are just obnoxious for me. Not saying op, just unbereably annoying.

I’d just rather die to a Widow headshot than watch powerless as a slow burn brings my hp to 0.

I liked the changes except for this Reaper one. This buff its some of the worst ideas they’ve ever had.


Agreed. They’re giving him the McCree treatment. The fan the hammer buff was not the buff/change that McCree players wanted. It wasn’t the one that they needed. All it did was make him more spammy for lower levels of play.

This Reaper buff is the same thing. As someone who plays quite a bit of Reaper, I don’t want more lifesteal. It’s not going to help me against good players, because I still have to put in way too much work with him just to engage in the first place. Shadow Step needs buffed/changed.

But you know what? Blizzard doesn’t like to revert their changes. And do you know what happens if you buff Reaper in a way that makes him viable now and he still keeps his 50% lifesteal? He would become pretty damn broken.


Just read their notes on the patch notes.

They explain their reasoning for everything.


“We dont balance arround pickrates, but if its in OWL? Oh boy we are gonna stop dat”


Yeah these changes do make sense. Brig does fine in 2-2-2. This is a forum myth used to defend her. She is BEST in GOATS, but fine in 2-2-2.

Also your argument that they should BUFF COUNTERS to keep her in check is the exact same balancing philosophy that got us in this mess.


Balance each character individually. It’s much harder than rock, paper, scissors balance but it’s the only way the game is good


Blizzard’s actions are their comments; Brigitte is perceived as too strong, hence why she’s been getting nerfed. And with every one of these nerfs, there’s always been a developer comment elaborating the basis for the change, usually specifying some interaction between her and other elements of the game that weren’t playing out the way they intended.

So, the devs aren’t really being silent at all, they’re just not pouring out every detail behind the process of balancing her. Besides, I think most people that are really that concerned (and affected) by Brigitte are the people who already understand the deeper meta problems going on with the game. Well, maybe they don’t “understand” exactly, but they’re at least aware that Brig is the center of a lot of problems, even if they don’t know the fullness of those problems.

It’s pretty clear that Blizzard wants goats dead and that’s why we’re seeing the changes that are up on PTR. There’s also been interviews with devs not that long ago where they go into some more detail about what they’ve observed, but they do seem to want to play it safe on the forums and social media when it comes to discussing Brig, since the fandom has shown that it’s unreasonably volatile towards anything they say about her.


I mean armor hurts both of their damages, and easy to hit CC and damage followup is specifically good against Tracer


I mean, Brig’s addition absolutely ruined the game for a lot of poeple. She’s done a lot of damage to the community. Maybe thats why people are so volatile over her.


Brig was clearly tested in 2-2-2 setups. She’s never been a good pick in them, and is now borderline useless in them.

I think they said about 3 nerfs ago that they didn’t want to nerf her much more because they were worried they’d make her useless. I think, from match stats, that’s kinda valid; the matches she’s in her stats aren’t amazing, but the impact is more broadly on the metagame than those matches she’s played in.




what they are doing is damage control and brig players and mains are suffering because of it! those who loved her and spend time playing her are the real victims.

they created brig as a quick fix to a meta that everyone is complaining about but the decision is still on blizzard and what they have created is an abysmal creature of a monster who can almost 1 v 1 the whole cast.

they really havent thought this thru and it so obvious with all the nerfs and stuff, its just like that hapless abominable mercy rework that they had to tone down 13 times.

part of me thinking that whoever behind the balanced is a wackjob and cant really see it thru in a long run.


You think they can see that those players exist through the “high skill” elitism from the ranks they fawn over? Through those blinkers all they can see is ‘everyone’ hates her.

Same with Mercy, same with Symmetra.


well the booing they get on blizzcon is enough proof of it i say


Always about pleasing the cool kids.


I really feel like skill is kind of a problem with her. Nothing she does to get value feels skillful in the slightests.

Positioning with her is extremely forgiving due to her shield, CC and self-heal. Gamesense is non-existent bc everything you do gets value no matter what, have Repair Pack out of CD? use it, even if it is on a full hp ally he will gain armor. No skill/timing/gamesense requirements here.
Mechanical skill is non-existant outside of whipshot.

The truth is she doesnt take much of anything. She its not Lucio, whi requires excellent gamesense and mechanics of some form. She is not Zen who requires probably the best positioning out of all heroes on top of mechanics…and you get the whole picture already.


Why don’t we stop saying “Briggite is too strong” and start thinking why did they add her in the game?

Nothing will ever be solved until we look to the real issue. The game is a fps with heroes with enormous mobility and survivability.
You can’t say that is easy to counter Tracer and Genji and that you just have to click their heads. No, it’s not that simple.

The problem is that including Briggite in the game just brought us more problems. How do you counter the most valuable resource in the game without being OPAF?
We didn’t have any real counter to dive comp but now blizzard expect us to counter them with a single hero. Why am I not surprised that is a fail?


Using repair pack on a full health ally is wasteful. You give them armour that vanishes a few seconds later.


Its still value given for absolutely no reason. Yes it is wasteful, but it still gets value.


It gets absolutely no value when used on a full health ally. Doing so is detrimental to your team.