Has blizzard ever adressed this?


The Briggitte debacle. I mean, they keep on nerfing her, which isnt something you’ll ever hear me complainig about but, have they actually said something about it?

I dont know I guess I just feel like the subject should be directly commented on by someone from Blizzard. It isnt really fair to anyone that they just quietly nerf her eithout ever saying what the hell happened.

It doesnt matter if you like her or not, as I think we kinda deserve some transparency here. I personally hate her, and would like to know what the hell were they thinking, but on the other hand I could understand the frustration of someone who may like her when she is being nerfed without much comments from the devs.

What do you guys think, can we agree on this even if our views of the hero a vastly different?


I thought that was the point of having Brig die in the Ashe trailer


Jeff said before that he doesn’t believe in balancing based on pickrates. A hero being played a lot isn’t a reason to nerf that hero, according to him. But the Overwatch league is a different story. They have to keep things fresh. They can’t allow monkey/tracer to stay popular for the entire duration of the league, so they have to heavy handedly kill it. She was very intentionally released broken for the sake of the League and now they’re reigning her in to be more in line with every other support in the game currently.

I don’t think they’ll really make an official statement confirming something like that.


I still think that they could have just nerfed Tracer and Winston and have worked on a hero that wasn’t so atrociously overpowered at launch.


I’m not saying I disagree, but that would also fall into the real of “nerf them for having a high pickrate”, at least for characters winston, widow, zen and dva who were all also super popular at the time. I don’t really wanna spark an argument about whether or not any of the dive characters needed nerfs but I would have much rather seen them do that as opposed to intentionally release a character that literally everyone said was busted… and still is after consistent nerfing. :confused:


I don’t think Tracer and Winston need nerfs tho. If they were to design a counter for them then they should have made something vastly diffetent, on that we can agree on.


They tend to like minimizing their/ignoring mistakes.

What we got out of the Mercy stuff was only they felt they were perhaps a bit too slow in nerfing/nobody could have seen the balance issues coming.

I wouldn’t expect to get more out of Brig.


Them nerfing a hero is a comment on them.


But what about the backpeddaling tho? Remember Jeff mocking the players who HATED Brig with the “Forum Briggitte” jokes only to nerf her afterwards? Thats some real character development right there lmao

Even if I dont expect anything to be sid, I really feel like they owe us an explanation. The damage their decisions with this hero did to the community was inmense.


No, I remember him poking fun at people in the playerbase who overreact, as he frequently does. That’s not exactly him saying “this hero is perfect and we will never change anything about them”. That is, unless there’s just a story I missed and am overlooking


He’s mocking/insulting people for quite some time. I wouldn’t count on it changing.

Warning the below link contains profanity.


HAHAHAHA! This is what I was thinking, too. They released the most broken monster OW has ever seen to guarantee that Tracer can’t be picked, yet somehow took the stance “she’s not that strong, just bad noobs on forums can’t outplay”

Then she gets nerfed over and over again… and she STILL dictates the entire meta. She unintentionally stole the FPS aspect away from this game through armor + kit…

All I’m left thinking is “We tried to tell you…” :man_shrugging:


Thats hilarious HAHAHAHAHA
Thank you so much for sharing this dude.

Thats the most frustrating thing about this. We dont get the satisfaction of seeing Jeff say “Sorry guys I messed up”. I just want to see some repent Blizz damn cant be that hard.


No. They keep their mouths shut about it, because literally a week or two before the heavy nerfs to Brigitte started happening, Jeff was on streams making fun of all the people who claimed that Brigitte was overpowered and broken. It’s not a good look to basically call people stupid for claiming the character is broken and then turn around a week or two later and start putting out heavy nerfs for that same character.

What is basically happening is that Blizzard are caving to a bunch of crybabies, and can’t say anything on the matter, because it’s actually the wrong course of action and they know it.


I mean, on a stream interview Kaplan said that brig wasn’t op and that it was just that no one knew how to play against her, he called it “The Forum Brig”. They then less than a month later proceeded to nerf her.


They don’t owe anyone an apology good lord, you’d think kaplan went into your game and insulted your mother


What I would give to play again, pre-brig …

It doesn’t feel like the same game at all anymore.

I would love for them to come out and just own that she wasn’t designed properly for Overwatch’s combat interplay. She needs more time in the oven, and we deserve OW to get better or stay the same as it ages… instead it gets worse. Fortunately the tides can turn at any point, really.


I don’t agree with this. I understand that it is not a good look by any means for a company to backpeddal like this BUT I do think the “Crybabies” as you call them had every reason to speak out against Brig and the dev team.

Hell I even think they have reason to complain now. Even after all the nerfs she has seen she still dictates the meta.


Blizzard doesn’t address much these days. Go ahead and look at the “Blizz Tracker” on the forums and see how much great content we have outside of technical support.

You’ll notice the latest activity, besides a patch note, is from early December about them locking threads.

I know we’ve had the holidays, but there’s been plenty of time before and after them to have ANY kind of developer-community involvement. It makes me sad.


God forbid that they actually buff heroes that counter her to make them viable. There’s so many heroes that have pretty much never been in the meta who could deal with her and the goats meta with even slight buffs and quality of life improvements.

Nah. Instead let’s just keep sledgehammer nerfing the one hero who isn’t even viable outside of one very specific team composition and nerf armor, reducing the survivability of already low tier heroes like Orisa, Bastion, and Torb. And let’s give Reaper a buff that is going to make him a noskill stomp hero for low ranks and do nothing to increase his viability at higher levels of play. Yeah. These changes make perfect sense. /s