Has anyone gotten beta access today?

When will console players have access on this wave?


Any news for console? Everything about it seems to be really confusing. We need a specific answer! Thank you :slight_smile:


Andy said it would be later today but I don’t know when that is, it’s taking so long too so we’ll probably get it tonight or tomorrow.


i wonder why a 2300+ hours played account that play almost everyday didnt get in the beta ?

I don’t think that’s important.

If you’re a console player, you should receive an email from Blizzard that contains a code for the platform/region you signed up with at the opt in.

PC players are granted the license automagically by us, and we then follow up with an email


When is that expected to be?

I think he meant when we’ll get the invite email, I could be wrong though.

But like any proper time estimates? as in x amount of hours from now or around x range of hours?

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There have been a few, but yeah most ppl on PC had to pay

The majority won’t be getting in until the 14th, they planned it purposely because they want people to pay.


I really wish we got just a time frame at least for once, us console players are dying here.


All my anime waifus got it before me. :frowning:

When is the mid-cycle patch coming? Idk how much longer I can handle playing Mercy like this :sob:

Hey Andy, Do you possibly know by any chance what time console player emails will start being sent out? We all just wanna know a time for it.


“they are not trying to sell the beta access”

ok prove me wrong: https://i.imgur.com/x3VxZud.png


If this was supposed to be a big wave, then yea, they’re clearly trying to make people pay the Watchpoint pack as much as they can, the surprise wave a few days ago in my communities on PC got more people than today altogether.

Been a big supporter, but clearly this beta’s management is horrendously bad for players and doesn’t incetivise long-time players to invest more time in the future of this game frankly lol.


They know what they’re doing lol, they’re making everyone think they aren’t getting an invite email so they would have to buy the Watchpoint Pack instead.


Im constantly checking everything lol

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I refuse to buy it - simple.


Andy we are on our knees begging for some sort of time frame for us console players

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