Hardest Character To Animate?

Lord Jeff has spoken :pray:t3:

This begs the question, which one is the easiest? :thinking:

Can I get your thoughts on why 21:9 threads are ignored?

I heard if they try anything with dva she literally breaks the game. So ya I think dva too lol

so i did remember it correctly :wink:

My guess would be Ana. She doesn’t do much in combat except aim and throw. Her emotes don’t really have any quick and complicated movements. She also doesn’t have a cartoony or exaggerated run/walk cycle like Junkrat or Reinhardt.

You have to go back.

Hie Jeff hope you doing fine. :wave::wave::wave: can’t wait to hear from you about anything. Have a nice time.

Thanks Jeff for your answer! but can you maybe answer MORE important questions?

In which directions is the game going?
Are you planing any new AIM-BASED heroes?
Why dont you punish leaver and thrower harder?
Why “heavy breathing” and blinking so much in your developer updates?

Keep up the good work. I know its hard to deal with kids these days xD

?? Op asked and Jeff answered? it’s not like they complained, they just explained why it was difficult.

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You aren’t exactly good at following along in conversations, are you?


Who peed in your cereal?

They said in a Blizzcon panel that Widowmaker was the easiest.

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Chill pill needed dude

There is a video by ohnickle regarding thing

Probably soldier

he is just your average joe

His only difficult animation probably was the transform. I think his walking and shooting animations were not that hard unlike winston had.

Off topic and being toxic with him lul.

Winston is my favorite character to watch, so filled with energy and stylization. Ryan and the animation team did a great job on him

I was thinking D.Va too initially but I guess it’s also the natural movements as Omnics can be fictional yet mechanical, humans are humans but apes have more inertia and weight as part of their skeleton (and the heavy gun).

Keep up the awesome work Ryan Denniston and animation team! :blue_heart: