Hard to swallow pill


“The vocal minority”

Face it OP, more people hate new Sombra than they like her, you can deny it all you want but the proof is right there.


if im honest, the Sombra changes are now ok.

they where terrible but with some of the tweaks they added in she has became somewhat better now.

Im under the assumption most of the people who dont like it, dont like change in general.
I will admit, she WAS terrible when they dropped the rework, however they have made tweaks that have fixed a lot of the issues.


But the changes still don’t address any of her pre-existing issues, it’s just the first round of changes with one revert, an audio fix and one suggestion from an actual Sombra player.
The changes that most of her mains hate are still there, so nothing has really changed.


im a active sombra main and i have been testing her changes a lot since it got announced.

she is just as if not more deadly than before… i will say, she needs a “Auto reload” on Successful Hack/EMP.
but her damage output and aggression can be just as good as before now.


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So that poll has less than 2000 votes. A poll on Twitter that Fitzy held had less than ~3000 votes. I’m not saying people unanimously like or dislike the changes, regardless of my personal opinion on the matter, but even if you combine these two polls and assume every vote is unique and there are absolutely zero duplicate voters, you’ve got ~4000 votes.

This number is hardly representative of the entire Overwatch community as a whole, let alone individual sub-communities such as the QP/Arcade only crowd, or the Comp only crowd, etc, which are comprised of literally millions of players. It just means that there is a vocal collective that are concerned enough to pursue this issue on the internet, via forums and social media. Keep in mind that not all people on this forum are browsing the same threads, let alone voting or even commenting on them and posting their opinion.

Without more data, none of us really know the percentage that these (potential) ~4000 people actually make up of any of these communities, including those on the forums.


Why is this a problem? I never had PTR before Sombra changes. And I never posted before Sombra changes. Because there was nothing before that made me come and make my point. This is something I care about.


Hard pill to swollow:

You have nothing to base this claim on that we are just a vocal minority.

People complain on the forums, reddit, twitter and youtube.
Sombra experts are even giving Interviews on how it doesnt help her.
The only people pro changes are people with little experience on her being happy they dont have to learn duration management.


But i did learn duration management. And i did enjoy it when it worked right. But there was no room for error or to change strategy on the fly. Frankly I could outplay most sombras at my level pretty easily, not by being better than them, but by following their predictable pattern. And since my friend plays junkrat a lot, we basically would force them not to use tl. Now you can vary your approaches a lot more as the enemy can’t just keep track of your stealth time and wait it out.



Sombra is fine is just a bad joke at this point. I check up on her on overbuff everyday. She peaked at an amazing .70 pick rate and her win rate plummeting faster than objects in free fall.

Its getting so bad on Overbuff I can’t even tell how much Sombra is actually contributing to the victories anymore.


There’s an old addage politicians go by, or used to when I was taught civics, that every letter from a voter represents the views of approximately 100 constituents, 99 of whom didn’t write letters about it. One can mince words about the exact number, but the point is that the 30 or so people complaining about the changes are the vocal few representing the views of all players who are upset about the changes, and it’s merely a convenient lie to assert that those are the only 30 people upset about the change, and that everyone continuing to play instead of coming here to complain must be okay with it.

Then again, even if we take my old civics teacher’s estimate of 100x, they’re still only speaking for about 3000 players, which, while significant, is far from a majority of players. I’m not saying those most vocal on the forum speak for the majority, but they do speak for more than just themselves, and Blizzard wouldn’t be so successful if they were unaware of this. This is also the reason why those annoying “why I’m quitting” posts are very valuable - they’re written for the developers, not for us, and represent a number of people leaving for similar reasons who didn’t bother to write to them about it. This gives Blizzard an insight into what they’re doing, for better or for worse, to drive certain players away.

I personally disagree with the people who are unhappy about the Sombra changes, but to call them a 30-person minority whose views should thus be ignored would be disingenuous and intellectually dishonest.


No they aren’t. The stats and facts don’t lie. If you can’t handle valid and relevant constructive criticism then get off the feedback forum.