Hard reset everyones mmr

Here’s a great and easy idea, just hard reset everyone’s mmr :sob::sob::sob: so everybody just stops complaining lol


Nooo thank you

People should just complain about the utter chaos that brings.

bet ur the first to come back here and complaining again

Hard reset and put back OW1 MM.

No point hard resetting if they keep this garbage MM

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It’s literally the same.

And people were whining and stomping about Matchmaking in OW1, too.

All of your wins are you hard carrying and beign hte best popsicle on the map, all your losses are becuase of smurfs, bots, throwers, matchmaking, the Bilderbergs, and hackers.

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You do realise eventually youll go back to the exact same rank you are now???

An mmr reset wont magically make you top 500


You know the match maker hasn’t changed. All that changed was it doesn’t need to find 2 tanks.

Honestly there should have been a hard reset for the transition to OW2; Legacy accounts really do have a harder time climbing due to the system’s assumptions based on past OW1 seasons (and if you played like I did in S1-6, that’s a hell of a crater lol)

“Wait, YOU won a game? You? Aren’t you the guy who thought Winston countered Bastion for three straight seasons? Nah nah nah I don’t believe you, here’s the minimum points I can award now go away.”

It’s not game-breaking or anything and it’s not “impossible to climb,” but it is more of a grind, kind of annoying, and a layer of frustration that’s not really needed.

I’m not sure what a solution would be (Blizzard’s solution is obviously “Just make a new account and buy all your cosmetics back nye he he he”) but that’s how it is.

A hard reset will create the situation people who are hardstruck come to the forums to moan about matchmaking think is actually happening (Spoiler alert, 90% of the problems with matchmaking are entirely player-side skill issues), and it would take MONTHS to realign everyone, and we’d be back in the exact same situation just after wasting months of everyone’s time.

The reason it takes longer to climb is because the matchmaker has figured out your rank with considerably more data, and in the vast majority of cases (We’re talking 99% of non-intentionally-boosted accounts) are where they should be. A common piece of misinformation is “Well, I’m Silver on main, made a new account and got Diamond, so I’m actually Diamond”. No, you won enough games in a small enough sample size that you got placed higher than you should be. If you played at least 100 games on both accounts in the same 3-week patch they’ll line back up to the same rank.

My real suggestion would be to add a more rapid decay to inactive accounts/ add more incentives to keep people on their main accounts, and consider looking for new ways to gatekeep alt accounts from comp without impacting genuinely new players, which on it’s own probably would require more resources than ABK would be willing to give Team 4 and wouldn’t see a solution or implementation this side of Christmas 2024.

If so, then explain how some people in silver play better than some people in diamond. Explain why many players in GM can’t position, don’t use high grounds or corners, solo ult, etc. I swear some of you are experts at trying to gaslight people.


They don’t.
They might have better aim, but their game sense and awareness will be much worse.

Because they are just vibing and don’t really care.

No one’s gaslighting anyone, they are just offering potential answers. You only think this because you disagree. We’re all allowed to have a different view.


No you don’t understand, I play 12 medicore games and then get one where I get a 4x KDR and I deserve 600 SR, you will never understand

I have been silver, and I have been diamond, show me an example of this because I have never seen it

I hard reset my mmr a few months ago, I think it broke the game for other players.

Ronny, You deserve to log in and find yourself at Ultra-Masters I


Actually it did change, in OW1 there was a hard 350 sr cap on grouping in gm and now any GM1 can group with GM4s which can result in 4900+4100s duos. Tons of GM1s duo with smurfs on GM4 accounts to min max the system and it’s pathetic that Blizz still hasn’t done anything about it.

I don’t have much confidence they could pull off an mmr reset without having a bunch of bugs like the bronze 5 bug from season 1. They would probably also add something else no one asked for and won’t tell us about it until everyone starts complaining. Start by “resetting” the people who work on the matchmaker by firing everyone and hiring a new team.

You’re forgetting about one thing though, that is the additional SR adjustment after 5 wins and that’s where I think it’s messing up.

valid request. since everyone’s mmr has been rigged into oblivion. then deactivate rigging obviously.

Hear you, but what? You can’t play with friends cause ur good at the game. They’re people too

They did it was season 1 of overwatch 2 and it was an absolute disaster in bronze 5… I was literally getting melted in an instant playing mercy against hit scanner in the dregs of the ladder.

The mmr is not the problem. Right now most people are playing the arcade modes due to the holiday event. I just faced a gold 2 tank season high player that is now silver 3 and they MASSIVELY outplayed me as a silver 2 tank.

SR is meaningless right now due to the holiday event. Your SR is relative to who is still queueing.

Honestly blizzard needs to just schedule the competitive seasons in a way when there is a holiday even there is no competitive. The playerbase cannot handle any sort of fragmentation due to how low the player base is at this point of the games life cycle.

The big problem is when all those casuals stop playing competitive during the even someone has to take their place. You end up with a sea of mid to high gold players in low to mid silver. And then people are like holy hell when did low silver get this hardcore…

It’s a food chain folks always has been and always will be.

Resetting the mmr wont fix the true problem and that is this is a skill pyramid scheme that depends on incentivizing the small fish to accept being eaten by the big fish over and over again. In other words you need to incentivize the living hell out of the playerbase to accept being the “b****” to the rest of the ladder." Good luck with that

Even bronze players have pride folks…