Hanzo's Storm Arrows are INSANE

The duration you can fire your 6 storm arrows is a lot longer than the duration of zarya’s bubble or d.va’s defense matrix for instance you can wait about three seconds before you fire all 6 arrows after activating the ability they should nerf the duration and make the damage 75 and i’d be happy😊

Who would win: a couple of Hanzo one-tricks vs. the entire rest of the forums

“How powerful a hero can be” Is a fallacious statement unless taken into context with the relative skill input required.

There is nothing, even by intentionally skewing the stats when limiting sample size to GM, that suggests he needs a nerf.

hanzo shuts down dive worse than brig. the duo of them synergize so well combined with zarya nothing else even comes close. its so oppresive and offers little counter play.
h t t p s://www.reddit.com/r/Competitiveoverwatch/comments/8jicpy/opinion_brigitte_meta_has_been_more_oppressive/

just read that and look at the stats.u dont even need to be good at hanzo. just Spam E into tanks/shields and combo with zarya

I think you are over relying on those statistics to determine whether a hero is balanced. Average damage done per 10 minutes is not a reliable statistic to use to determine if one dps is lacking or op. The real stats that need to be looked into are the abilities and see how much damage is given out from the projectile over a period of seconds. The higher the damage given out in a shorter time period makes the hero more lethal. Soldier and hanzo can have the same damage averages every 10 minutes but hanzo will still be picked because of his burst damage potential. Soldier can hit all he wants but the damage wouldn’t be enough to kill an enemy because they can easily be out healed. Hanzo however has the potential to headshot and instantly kill. Healing cannot take care of that. The new storm arrow ability has insane burst damage potential to do just that. He doesn’t need to do a lot of damage to headshot while soldier may have to do more damage to kill a target. Don’t just look at numbers and see they have to all match up to be balanced. That’s a very bad way of using statistics to support your argument. There’s a reason GM is using the heck out of him right now.

There is no overreliance. You are simply attempting to cherry pick and move the goal posts.

Average damage is very relative. How much abilities do over a period of time, is also relative to Average damage per 10 minutes. Now you are even contradicting yourself.

More logical fallacies too. I like how you try and prop Hanzo up with naming all of his advantages and none of Soldiers.

Soldier is hitscan, which makes him much lower skill floor. Soldier has more overall mobility. Soldier has a heal. Soldier even has an ult with more consistent potential.

So again, a high skill floor hero performing better than a low skill floor hero, IS working as intended.

Based on your argument that would mean widowmaker is severely underpowered and needs a fix fast… Imagine her damage lined up with the rest of the dps?
Also I never mentioned anything about other abilities. We were strictly talking about damage. So you decide to bring up all of soldiers abilities as if Hanzo has none. Hanzo can leap, he can wall climb easily and get on high ground, and he has infinite ammo. Oh and he can one shot you. With his new ability it’s even easier. And you mentioned skill? His new ability doesn’t require much aim. It’s worst than junktat spam not to mention possibility of being headshotted.

It should be on a 10 second cooldown. I feel it way too much uptime right now.
Scatter was on a 10 seconds cooldown (it was on 8 seconds because of a bug).

Storm arrow is a far better ability than scatter and yet it’s on a shorter cooldown.

I think the best nerf for Hanzo is increasing the charge time on his primary fire. This way Hanzo players will get punished for missing shots. Leave everything else the same.

It’s 270 damage (6 rounds) in 0.67 seconds. Reload time of 1.5 seconds (Not counting Combat roll, which is 0.4 seconds) That averages out to 6.9 rounds a second, so 310.5 dps.

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god forbid a tank player wants to actually play their role properly without a hanzo near destroying their shield with storm bow all the time. Orisa has to use her shields on cooldown practically because of ONE hero melting her shield. and Hanzo’s cooldown is short enough to destroy each shield every time. “Just don’t play like a bot LOOOOOL” might as well just not play a tank then. I don’t get these arguments when it comes to hanzo players. The ability clearly needs tweaking.

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Something tells me you’re biased against Hanzo instead of looking at both sides :thinking:

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this is exactly why people complain about hanzo. you say to use your tank abilities against him, but then say hes allowed to burst them down? Hanzo is too good at too many things right now. he cant be a sniper, and mobile, and a tank buster. that’s not how balance works.

you know metas don’t just happen, right? his pickrate is because hes too good at too many things. if hanzo wasnt this good, there wouldnt be this meta.


Um, you need to aim the shots. What game are you playing?

Maybe, just maybe Hanzo is just one of those things you don’t just hold W and M1 to kill.

Metas are made off of strengths. Winston isn’t overpowered, but he enabled dive.

That’s how i feel too. He’s become more spammy and low risk high reward.

I feel like everything you’ve said stands on one thing: that you follow the game’s classification of hanzo as a sniper. He really isn’t.

It’s akin to saying symm is a support and thus she’s underpowered because she cannot heal. (She is underpowered but it isn’t because she can’t heal)

Likewise, if we’re going to view hanzo through that lens then yes he will be overpowered. A character with one shot ability that is also mobile. But the fact is he trades long range consistency for mobility and higher dps.

Actually grappling hook isn’t even that bad either, it’s got a longer cooldown than lunge but has some very creative uses to slingshot widow.

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Of course not. This meta was enabled by Brigitte, with rein and Zarya the two supporting pillars.

If it wasn’t hanzo it’d be Junkrat, or widow. Probably rat.


We’ve been testing some nerfs internally and have decided to make a change for the upcoming patch.

We’re reducing the damage per arrow from 80 to 70, which not only drops them out of one-shot territory for 200 hp heroes (w/ dmg boost), but also drops them out of one-shot range of 150 heroes such as Tracer and D.Va pilot.

The ability will still be very strong overall, but this change should help mitigate the most frustrating element of fighting against it. We’re looking at getting this change up onto the PTR soon.