Hanzo's Storm Arrows are INSANE

I think this is a great change, Geoff. Thanks, as always, for your communication with us.


Everyone loves Hanzo. Especailly now that he’s reliably powerful.

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This is good news.

Now, can we do something about the Ult Charge? Lol.

Less damage per arrow means less ult charge already.


Can you reply on the top 500 NO animation spray for 6v6 elimination competitive?

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I wish we could hear about Sombra to.

We’ve talked about this as well but changing a heroes damage already affects their ult charge. If it still seems too frequent after Storm Arrows lands in a good place we can look at it again.


Just curious, why was it set to 80 in the first place? I assume someone internally calculated all the breakpoints, why’d they approve it anyway?


Yes, they need to reduce the damage or number or arrows for this ability. ASAP.

I feel like 75 is better. The ability to one-shot tracer with a headshot (difficult) or two-shot with body shots is important to his kit in the absence of the one-shot potential of scatter. The bigger problem IMO was that with damage boost he could one-shot any 200 HP hero, which a nerf to 75 would still fix.


Any changes coming to sombra? shes in a bad spot after the hack changes. Lots of bugs!


“lands in a good place” like Sombra did? :blush:


Honestly Sombra was in a good place before brigitte came out. If you look at pick rates in Stage 3 OWL (which is playing post Sombra rework and LoS / 2 second changes, but before Brigitte), Sombra is on par with the majority of heroes in the 5-15% pick rate range (only widow, and the dive heroes are above that range).

She’s just really bad against armor. Hopefully the coming nerfs to Brigitte’s ult will help Sombra out a little.

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Ha ha ha… Half of the storms arrows to the body for Tracer. They are bringing her back, boys! In all seriousness, I do not mind too much.

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Don’t worry Geoff, I’ll keep a “close eye” on his ultimate charge! :wink:


Same here, us Sombra mains will make sure his Ultimate Charge rate “lands in a good place” for ya, Geoff! Lets just hope H4CK3D’s “close eye” isn’t made of glass like some peoples, am I right, Geoff? :wink:


I was actually hoping for longer CD and shorter duration than damage reduction, so bad Hanzo players like me can’t just spam the skill. It feels too rewarding but I guess we’ll see how it goes with the damage reduction.

I feel bad getting on about this after finally getting buffs but… I knew she was going to drop after the honeymoon period and I’m pretty disappointed that we’ve heard no word on her situation since.

I was okay with the nerfs, which I really didn’t think she needed but was willing to concede she was obnoxious without them, with the promise that you’d keep an eye on her and make sure she didn’t drop right back to the bottom. She was high-mid tier before the nerfs and you pushed them to live without even ptr testing because??? Your infamously immature pro scene had a bad kneejerk reaction to it?? Come on.


:thinking: I see we’re losing our real Tracer counter pretty quickly.


Are you guys ok with how Hanzo can close gaps forward with lunge?