Hanzo, the genuinely broken hero

Some heroes are OP, some are weak.

But Hanzo is broken. The core mechanic of his kit is the arrow sniping, but the hitbox is so fundamentally flawed, inconsistent, shots land that miss, hit around corners, etc.

I would be fine with Hanzo oneshotting if the arrows were a normal thing but they aren’t. They pull a bunch of nonsense to be able to land headshots on shots that do not deserve it.


Hanzo arrows are one of the smallest projectiles in the game. It’s the character hitboxes that are massive.


remove 1 shot
or remove him 175hp
problem solved

its not that hard
hanzo is in every fk game and ruining the game


If hes so damn broken as you say then why youre not using hanzo to counter other hanzo main?
Ohhhh well yes, its sounds like a silver issue XD

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Why don’t you think they deserve it?

Widow truly counters widow, the better player will almost certainly win in a widow v widow matchup.

Hanzo doesn’t counter Hanzo, it’s a tossup and not a skill matchup, completely random which one would win.

He just makes games very un fun even if you decide to mirror

? XD Well you never saw a good hanzo right?

Because he thinks that hanzo is a zero skill hero like soldier or reaper or junkrat.

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The arrows are the smallest in the game lol. Do you want the hero to be hitscan instead? Because thats whats gonna have to happen if blizzard reduced the hitbox any further

True! At over 7.5 inches in diameter! Almost the size of volleyballs! So tiny!

Which goes to show how absurd EVERY projectile hitbox is.

Because the hitbox is oversized and Hanzo is supposed to be a high accuracy hero, but he can miss by huge margins and still connect

Listen dude Im a Reaper onetrick, so "uhh duurrr u cant lecture peepole on skill :nerd: " nah Im the most qualified to call out which heroes are ez.
Soldier. Easy but way harder than hanzo. Junkrat braindead, reaper ez, hanzo broken ez.