Hanzo nerfs were long overdue


Continuing the discussion from Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – June 28, 2018:

So the OW team finally relents and admits that Hanzo is OP at the moment. FINALLY. Not like we’ve been screaming this for weeks…


You know what, I don’t even think Hanzo is overpowered, I think he’s just annoying to play and die against. At least Mcree/Genji/Soldier require multiple steps that must be executed a certain way in order to secure a kill. Hanzo just hits E and shoots in your general direction. And despite the ‘allegedly’ small project size as claimed by Blizzard, my experience shows he is still shooting tree trunks, not arrows.

Now let’s compare this mild nerf to what keeps happening to Sombra:

  1. Sombra is reworked successfully and begins to see some real playtime.
  2. Sombra is nerfed 2 weeks later with no PTR by slapping a punishing cooldown on hack when it is interrupted AND making hack the most unreliable ability in the game by a very large margin.
  3. Sombra has been in the dumpster for 4 months, and they finally fix hack.

Number four, at the same time they fix hack, they announce a new hero, and they also put ‘significant’ changes to Sombra on the PTR that include:

  • Making Sombra’s ability to infiltrate weaker
  • Making Sombra’s ability to reposition weaker
  • Making Sombra’s ability to contest disappear
  • Making Sombra’s detection radius the size of a bus (since reverted)
  • Making Sombra’s TL louder, more annoying sounding, and increasing it’s dead zone by 400% (5m -> 20m) (since reverted)
  • Still making Sombra’s ability to translocate weaker:
  • Making Sombra’s TL weaker as it can now be destroyed and has the HP that can barely stand up to a sneeze.
  • Making TL more visually prominent because it now comes with a secondary animation when it is destroyed, even by Sombra herself.

And in compensation Sombra has gotten:

  • The ability to destroy TL at will.
  • The ability to cross large distances more quickly (but even at the largest distances she only beats live Sombra by a few seconds!)
  • The ability to cancel reload into hack (after much whining).
  • The ability to remain in stealth forever (presumably, waiting for her team to make an opportunity for her, instead of the other way around).

That’s it. THAT’S IT. Put that in the patch notes, I dare you, Blizzard.

And really, the only reason she needs to cross larger distances more rapidly is to compensate for TL being destructible (it needs to be played more passively lest it be discovered), so it’s debatable what she’s really gaining there either!

So, the end result is two measly QOL changes that barely help her at the cost of losing ALL THAT for THIS?

She is now:

  • Going to reach critical sections of the map slower (much more likely spam has started coming through the choke at the start of a map).
  • More likely to be decloaked by spam crossing critical sections of a map because she moves slower.
  • More likely to be decloaked by intentional fire while attempting to reposition and/or escape because she moves slower.
  • Unable to make some jumps she could make before because she moves slower
  • More obvious when using TL to reposition.
  • Less able to catch up to key targets when needed (burst speed vs. sustain).
  • Less likely to get away when TL is on cooldown (burst speed vs. sustain).
  • Longer reset times in general.
  • Less time participating in fights.
  • Incentivized to play more passively.
  • Worse uptime.
  • Will die more often when randomly she loses the ability to use her ONLY escape if someone does happen to find the TL.
  • Will die on occasion when TL is thrown mid-fight and it is destroyed, likely by random fire not even intended for that purpose.
  • Will still die if that person who finds the TL decides to camp it (though now Sombra can at least decide to cancel TL and re-place it, however she’s not going to know if it’s being camped, generally).
  • There is now an extra action Sombra must take every single time when repositioning TL (before you could allow it to expire, now you can’t).

And to top it all off, her sense of urgency (and excitement) is completely gone! Now she just kind of mills about waiting for something to happen! Arrggh!


Even laying all that out, I may STILL be forgetting some additional drawbacks Sombra is going to swallow if this PTR iteration goes live. And frankly, I believe the patient isn’t going to survive the treatment. Not when she’s already sickly and on life support. More than likely this treatment is going to be the final thing that kills her. Pray for Sombra.

Someone who wants the PTR Sombra to go live, please weigh in and explain to me why you believe in your stance, because I honest-to-god don’t get it.

Or how about we skip all that, trash the PTR Sombra, go back the drawing board, or maybe, just maybe, even revert the knee-jerk “nerf” Blizzard made to hack after their very successful rework of her. In other words, let’s give Sombra 2.0 another try guys.



Infiltrate. disrupt. win

This 2second increase is a meaningless change with no effect and a slap to the face of the community.

Hanzo will still be able to enjoy demolishing the entire hero roster at long,medium and close range while keeping his amazing mobility and utility (sonic arrow and dragonstrike) intact.

Where are his weaknesses?
Why would anyone pick anything else over hanzo (with the exception of widowmaker)?

There is clearly a problem. The pros know it, the community knows it, the statistics show it.
It’s just blizzard on turtle mode at the moment.


Good. Now people can stop crying about it. Good Hanzos were using regular shot anyway.