Hanzo kills you with wind?

have you guys ever been killed by the wind of hanzo’s arrows?
i have noticed it a while ago. while i do not think hanzo is overpowered or anything.
i think it is very frustrated getting killed by the wind. afcourse his ult is like wind dragons or something, but that is not what i mean.

it’s the idea you get killed while the arrow didn’t hit you. then you look at the killcam where you can actually see the arrow missing you.
afcourse it’s a good idea the arrow float abit on the wind. but seeing that same arrow hitting the wall while you die, doesn’t work for me.

Have you guys noticed the same?


Yes it’s been a hot topic for a while. Either the hitreg is screwed up or the arrow animations are


A) Latency issues. Overwatch favors the shooter. If on his screen arrow hit you, but on your it misses - it hits you
B) Hitboxes are slightly larger than actual model. Not a whole lot, but it is ok

Hanzo arrows are quite small tbh


I get killed by more accidental shots than ones aimed at me. The random shots that catch me “walking by” - the spam shots that seem to locate me out of everyone else nearby.

I can’t tell u how many times after watching the death feed I have to shake my head at my bad luck.


i know what you mean. I always laughs sooo hard when i see the arrow stuck inside the body on a weird place. but too me if the arrow didn’t hit me i should not have died, so i believe blizzard should change that

Lol, lemme tell you how many shots SHOULDVE landed but didn’t. Thinking you get killed more by luck than anything is nothing short of ignorance

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Shoulda Woulda Coulda …

All I’m saying is when I’m running by, he doesn’t know I’m coming , and he is flinging Arrows at somebody else or just the wall, I’m getting hit. Which equals accidental shot.

No need to get your feathers all ruffled for Hanzos of the world.


You say that like he’s the only one who can accidentally kill, when he really isnt

The kill cam doesn’t represent 1:1 of what happened. What you see is different to the other player.


I know that as well. I’ve been accidental killed by everyone.

But this is a Hanzo thread.


he is probably just trolling like many here

Sometimes as Tracer I get away, but then I get sucked backwards like half a second to my death. Like dodging a flash or hook. On my screen I’m gone.
I have actually started recalling or blinking before I feel it’s the perfect times because of this happening.

They are small as in their thickness but damn long…You can easily get headshoted by strafing in the tail of the arrow as it flies by you. That thing will never happen with a hitscan .

The arrow was simply too fast that it only looked like it didn’t hit you. :wink:

Hanzos hitreg is broken

Sometimes you directly hit them in the middle of the chest, And no damage

You miss completly, and you kill them


I love when Kill Cam shows someone like Winston being shot to the moon.

I’d say its latency… I.e Lag.

What your seeing is not what the other person saw.

On THEIR screen they made the shot and that info was transferred to the game server and it determined you die.

Now you watch it and it seems like OH THAT DIDN’T HIT ME… it did. I promise you. It did. It’s not the games magic coding giving hanzo an EZ kill its just latency that causes this.

Now is it fun? oh god know I’ve been smoked after I’ve run into cover in lots of games where on my screen I see that I make it but the other screen shows me getting smoked, it’s just the nature of the FPS beast.

I think that is hard to believe but on the other side, i have been killed by dva’s ult many times while i wasn’t even in the same room. That would mean that on the dva’s screen i am in the same room. If that is the case it’s just stupid and should be fixed. So when i think hanzo missed me, and he also did on killcam for me it still missed me

Maybe if only the tip of the arrow was the hitbox and not the entire shaft, it seems like. =-=

Hanzo with the Skyrim BS going on especially on his arrows. Power of damn Dragon magic.