Hanzo is too strong


Hanzo is too strong. His projectiles either deal too much damage, move too fast, or have to large a hitbox.

Not to mention that storm arrow melts tanks. I honestly would rather have shatter arrow back!

It wouldn’t be so bad if he wasn’t so mobile; double jump, wall climb, wallhacks. You know why its ok for genji to have that kind of mobility? Because his projectiles are slow, deal low damage, can’t randomly one shot people.

My personal opinion is that his projectile speed needs to be brought back to pre-storm arrow levels.


Yes. He’s overshadowed by other issues right now, but he is overpowered.


If scatter shot was back, tanks would die faster. He’s a sniper, snipers are rewarded by their good aim. Storm arrow prevented tanks from just diving and destroying Hanzo. Learn to counter him instead. It is possible to kill him between cool downs you know…


They need to stop letting him shoot entire forests at people with his bow that hitbox is ludicrously large, it’s tilting whenever I get headshot by a Hanzo and I see the kill cam and he’s basically not even aiming anywhere near me. Either that or lower his headshot damage to not 1 shot 200 hp targets. It is way too easy to accidentally get headshots with him, as opposed to widowmaker, where you basically have to have aimed really well to get rewarded with the one shot


i dont think his win rate is that excessive though? he can be super annoying but perhaps that is how he is even viable and not a complete throw pick.