Hanzo has "Simple geometry" as a voiceline on the PTR!

My prayers have been answered


Sadly, there’s still no ‘‘Scatter !’’ voiceline


That’s pretty awesome, I’m glad they chose to add it for old times’ sake.

It needs some testing before adding it to live.

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Yes! I’m so glad! Now all we need is Reaper’s edgiest voiceline: “I am the angel of DEEEAATH!” Once that’s in, I can die in peace!

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Didn’t want the line to go away!

But I’ll regret it if Geoff decides to give Hanzo an ability where he calculates the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle or something.


Are there any other plans to keep voicelines related to old abilities after reworks and the like? I’m assuming yes since you seem to have set a new precedent with Hanzo.

Why not let Hammond mock his line? (‘cheers love’ gets mocked a lot)

I know it’s not your department, but could you get a developer to read some of the feedback about Sombra on the PTR?


During seagull’s live stream he did talk to one of the devs about it and they are aware of they feedback

Could we also perhaps get a Hightlight Intro dedicated towards Scatter Arrow in the future? Thought it would be a nice way to remember it ever since it was replaced. :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe on a Sonic Arrow kill?

moira already does that… kinda.

“simple trigonometry”

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I really wish we could get the original zen cultist ult line back :frowning:

Wait it was removed?

It was never a voiceline that you’d equip and spam- I mean use in-game.

Now help out junkrat and give him the “I’m getting the feeling they have shield generator” as a voiceline, you know it’s iconic👌


Maybe you could turn it into part of his dialogue in one of those exchanges between himself and another hero. Maybe someone like D.Va could have trouble with some math homework?

But as voiceline you could interject it into every interaction, also why does d.va have homework, she’s 19 and in the military apparently.


Ok but where’s the shiiiiieeeeeeld generator?