Hanzo can now storm arrow THROUGH shields on live

Sadly because this was an good feature to add to the game.

OK wtf i saw entire video, broke completely hanzo

I’m fine with that. Not helping them none, lol.

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Another excellent example of “Blizzard Polish”!

Such quality. Much wow.

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Your patch escalated the arms race between DPS characters instead of nerfing them to settle things down. It obscenely buffed two DPS characters already in high demand. The hanzo buffs were ridiculously unhealthy for the game in two different aspects - reinforcing burst damage abilities, and negating the concept of using cover and terrain. You know, the things you are supposed to encourage your playerbase to do. That’s also Junkrat’s domain to push people out from behind cover, how dare you give such an unjustified buff to Hanzo.

There’s 17 DPS heroes, and there’s probably 14 of them more deserving of buffs than the two you selected. And of those 14, at least 4-6 desperately need help due to the power creep you keep causing, having left them all behind. In what world do you pull a stunt like this then try to convince the playerbase that powercreep doesn’t exist?

If this backfired PR stunt makes it to live, you’re losing me as a customer. Not just for OW, but I’m just done with Blizz games at all if this sort of literally the worst possible of all decisions is how you proceed with your game. That this gets allowed at all is a black mark against the company and the oversight they’re supposed to exercise, and clearly my money would be better spent with other game developers.


Can Moira be actually buffed please?? For how long will Moira players have to suffer because of this treatment and ignorance she is getting??


Hanzo is the biggest reason why I am just not taking this game seriously anymore, he’s just broken ASF right now and the devs dont give a crap cause they’re getting paid


Sure it was. If you consider 2 years brief.

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Devs: That’s a fantastic idea. Let’s buff Cass and Tracer.


Keep it reverted. Hanzo and Cree should be somewhere near the back of the line where buffs are concerned.


The overwatch team secret is, to program something in 5 minutes and test nothing

Also, everyone agrees that mcree and hanzo are op and they buff them again

This company is beyond ridiculous

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Hey Andy can you pass it along to the team that we want Baps lamp removed or gutted entirely and Brig to basically end up benched? Why is Cassidy rolling in the air? Why is Moira flying? I want to have fun again, as long as Bap and Brig reign supreme, double shields meta will never go away. Pass it along, please, and thanks.

Hi, Please revert all the changes, the game was completely balanced, no need for new balance patch. Thank you.

This patch makes all the things out of balance.

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Preach this to the moon and back

same. first they came for orisa, and now ball… its like they want people to switch to playing dps.

wow and use telling you they were bad in the EX means PUSH LIVE ASAP