Hanzo can now storm arrow THROUGH shields on live

Looking at past notes, I see that most of these are from the content creator card. My apologies since I didn’t play much during that time window and there were a lot of changes to keep track of. Still, I think this patch would be easier to digest with these more serious changes getting their own experimental card outside of the context of the “go crazy with it” changes from the previous one.

Testing? Nah, their testers are probably having a walkout as we speak.


Can you actually explain what is going on in the balance team and why are they ruining this game AGAIN?
Already uninstalled BTW, 1 tank player less :+1:t2:


Yes, the one that they swore was just going to be “for fun” and nothing was going to go live from it because they were all ridiculous.

No wonder the content creators loved the meeting, they were told they’re now in charge of balance.

I’m fairly certain that each received overwhelmingly negative feedback across the community on these forums, reddit, from streamers etc.

With respect, why even bother having the experimental if the devs are going to ignore feedback? The feedback was negative for good reason. With (maybe) the exception of Moira not a single one of these heroes needs these changes.


They probably never read said feedback, to be fair.

Heck the mid air rolled received negative feedback the like 3 times they tried pushing it, they clearly want him to have it and have just given up on the players opinions.


I don’t think they QA test either :grimacing:

They have one guy in the office that deletes all negative feedback lest it effects the developers decisions, who are right because they work at Blizzard.


I refuse to believe they didn’t test this at all.
If you change an arrow to have a new function in the way it hits a surface, you’d test it against shields in the game. That’s commonsense.

Nice publicity stunt to get you trending on Twitter Overwatch…
I get the game is dead, but you should try trending with content and good news, not going viral off of something really preventable and that just makes ppl look incompetent.


So you cherry picked commits out of god knows whether it was a release candidate branch and didn’t even bother to run them through an ExC trial to see how they affected the game outside of their original context? More over you didn’t even test? My dear sweet summer child do you also make DB changes in PROD?


i have the feeling we’ll see the same patch next week but the hanzo bug will be fixed or they may just do him in a later experimental. all the other ones will probably go through next week

You’re going to get removed and temp muted on the forum now, for a joke. That’s where we’ve been for the past couple of years here.
My condolences.
Heck, I might end up having to join you for this comment.

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Omg I love the Moira buff, pls keep it, ty, its so much fun :kiss:

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shoulda left it live, true double shield counter

Good. The whole patch was silly. Cole getting to fly again for no reason and Hammond nerf just to cater to DPS one-tricks. And yeah, I know it’s coming back.


Reverted today.

Tomorrow some streamer will talk about how much more fun and skilled this makes Hanzo.

Then the boards will be inundated with posts from said streamers lemmings about how good this change would be for real.

Then a different streamer will “hear” that Blizz would really like to keep the change and are iterating on it for their streamer buddies.

Then it will be back. Because F tanks, amirite?

Blizz’s true colors get revealed every time they pull this nonsense.

I’m done. Out. Finished. Forget DPSWatch 2 and the developer clown fiesta that rewards certain subsets of their customer base with bribes and uneeded buffs while repeatedly telling another to go kill themselves.

Blizz is the problem. A general tank strike is the only answer. Tank players MUST quit playing this game, and make DPS queues so bad that even Blizz’s golden children will feel the pain.

It won’t happen. It’s much too late in any event.

Later losers.

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I have a great idea, lets just forget this patch ever happened.

Yeah, go back to the drawing board with this one because this is just horrendous.
It legit looks like the episode from South Park when it turns out that episode ideas were from manatees choosing random balls with words.


As a tank main with a couple thousand hours in game, even I think Hammond swinging on stuff indefinitely is dumb.

I used to play a lot of Hammond myself, but I’m primarily a Rein main. It’s just silly to watch and the people who do it contribute nothing to the team. I’d rather have a Hammond roll in, disrupt, slam, land and actually shoot rather than spin around on a point endlessly while their team dies.

Has the patch been reverted on all the console platforms also or just PC?

Any info greatly appreciated.