Hammonds needs more interactions

I’d love to see him talk to more of the characters cause as of right now almost no one acknowledges his existence.

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I’d like to see Hammond interact with the front of a bus, preferably at about 60mph :blush:


He’s the only hero who I don’t like hearing. His robot voice is obnoxious and annoying

It’s even annoying when you play AS him bc each callout has a 2 sec delay where he does his squeaky sounds beforehand

Hammond needs to interact with every CC in the game.

At the same time.

Hammond needs to be put in a hydraulic compressor.

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Theres little interaction because no one wants to talk to a hamster Stephen Hawking.

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Let’s be real, as long as he was in the mech, he would survive with no issues. The core of his mech is the escape shuttle he used to make it to earth, which survived entering through the atmosphere, and crash landing. Now that on top of numerous futuristic upgrades, and… yeah. A truck at 60mph isn’t gonna do much to him lol

But he already has the best interaction in the game!

Hammond: dying noises

Brigitte: I’m more of a cat person :sunglasses:


Good. They’re not crazy people trying to have conversations with hamsters.

The only hero worse than Ball for interactions is Bastion.

This is more a suggestion/idea give hammond a self destruct button and/& allow him for riding on team mates shoulders

To iterate upon that, how’s about he has a self-destruct button, triggered by using any of his abilities. And leave it at that.

But his death shriek has to be loud enough that the enemy team can hear it from their spawn, or it’s not worth doing.

Give Hammond baby form!

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That’ll be his buff for 2