Hammond the Hamster Hero 28: Reddit Highlight (We were right, Hammond Revealed)


Highlight from Reddit user stmaurer ^https://www.reddit.com/r/Overwatch/comments/8u11je/figured_it_out_i_know_what_hammond_is_and_its_not/

Blizzard has done a great job keeping Hammond’s identity a secret, but I’ve figured it out. I’ve done it. Here is the Evidence for my later conclusion:

Emails between scientists about Hammond being in the ventilation. Hmm, similar to tubing shown on Horizon. Hammond needs to be small for that.

Emails between scientists about not caring where Hammond is/out of cage. Scientists don’t care if he’s running around, so he’s not dangerous.

Hammond’s has a cage opposed to the bed of most other specimens. (Ruling out he’s dangerous) The cage prevents him from escaping/crushed when the room door is opened/closed.

Carrots in the cage. Needs to be some creature that enjoys them.

Toy blocks have nibbles on them in Hammond’s room. What nibbles on everything?

Toy Ball strapped to Winston’s escape pod. The only way the Hammond knows how to travel: a ball.

The first teaser showing the Scrapyard champion “Wrecking Ball”

The second teaser showing how wrecking ball moves around. Similar to Hammond’s toy ball model.

My logic is solid. The evidence is undeniable. Hammond is…A HAMSTER.

Like seriously, what is the perfect name for a hamster? Hammond.






I am not sure, this is his room on the new Horizon:
Here you can see monkey-feet

Here is something, about how tall he is

and there is even a drawing (Hamster draw?)

Maybe, there is a nice lvl 3, to show the images :grin::sweat_smile:


Entry point to enter the vent is pretty small for a monkey.

Maybe he got another ape to help to bring the door down.


Ah right, that could be possible, too.

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When I saw the block had been gnawed on, I though of my pet chinchilla.
That’s definitely rodent behavior.
But, would they give building blocks to a hamster to play with?

And regardless of intelligence, without opposable thumbs, no animal is going to accomplish much. Not to mention, lifting a pen to sketch the diagram or moving the objects to create the “scale model”.

I’m still thinking primate. Not a chimp, maybe like a capuchin monkey.

Also, the footprints aren’t his.
That door was kicked in. If Hammond was in his room, it would have been kicked out if anything.

But we know he made a break for it in the vents. So it’s likely one of the gorillas broke in looking for him, only to find he’d already escaped into the vents.


Thank you, very much!


I thought the same thing after looking at the pictures again. The door was kicked in by a gorilla, otherwise the door would be outside the room.


Bopping this cause just got off work, and deserves more notice.

the feet on the room are on the outside, even if he was a monkey and would have escaped by his own doing, markings would be on the other side

More importantly, you can see the size of the vent system both on the second spawn point for attack and/or outside the classroom and all over the playground, they are WAY too small for anything bigger than 1 ft to fit in, roughly 30 cm diameter


Have we mentioned how the toy next to the drawing mimics their plan? A ship towing a big ball down to earth?

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Lol Top Gear Reference? Hammond the Hamster?


I noticed now.
Thanks, for the correction.

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Btw, I would find it a bit strange to have a hamster as a “hero” :sweat_smile:

While I agree it would be weird, it all depends on how they present him… I mean, if Winston wasn’t in the game and they announced a gorilla hero xD it would be pretty damn weird


That is just crazy enough to be right.

Yup, I agree on that.
But you know it’s harder to show gestures and facial expressions for a hamster, than a Gorilla.

And a bigass mech piloted by a small hamster, is a bit crazy.

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Meet your newest hero!


You are all mistaken, it’s just a new type of candy :candy:

Not actually a fan of Hamsters, he would likely make a good “villain.”