Hammond makes dva useless now


From what I’ve seen from hammond so far it looks like his left click is stronger than dva’s and even though dva has extra damage from her missile’s it’s on a 8 second cooldown and if you mess up with that there goes a’lot of her damage out put so hammond dosen’t have to worry about that even though he has 80 bullets. Big deal not like it’s gonna affect him much since no one ever runs out of ammo for good.

He also has what looks like it much better mobility than dva. Roll around in a ball for as long as he wants and gets to swing around like spiderman on I believe a 6 second cooldown.

Also his crit box isn’t the size of texas and right in the middle like dva’s is so really I feel like he is basically replacing her and she is gonna be completely useless now.

I could be wrong but this is how I feel and it’s a damn shame too because I have been a dva main since season 2 and still am but I missed when she was actually decent not trash like she is now and I hate how she has gotten what like nerfed 5 times in a row and I believe is the most nerfed hero in the game when clearly other more broken heros need nerfs.

Regardless of what people say she clearly needs some buffs because she can’t tank properly can’t dps properly so what can she do properly? pretty much nothing.

They should leave her like she is now but put her armor back to 400 since her giant crit box made her have 400 armor fair or shrink her crit box, put her booster damage back to 25 cause it’s useless at 10 or give her a bit more damage in either cannons or missiles.


He can’t eat ultimates or block damage for his team. I think they have their own strengths.


that’s true but it depends on what ultimates it is cause matrix is only 2 seconds and will be either the same or harder to eat depending on the hero.


Plus he is cuter, sorry i can’t get over this image, does it better then D.va


I hope this forces Blizz to rework Dva’s defense matrix, or give her armor back. That being said I think this hamster is still a work in progress, they probably need to put his ball form on a timer/cd since you cant crit him in it, also his primary fire is a bit to focused and powerful at range, I would love to have another character to help combat phara/mercy but I don’t think this is the way to go about it.


Who knows, might be the opposite.


In the same word though, he can’t do any damage to you in a ball unless he’s moving in a predictable arc or falling from the sky, in which case he has to unball to keep attacking.

As for his primary fire, he’s supposed to be in the mid range area.


Triple tank dive meta with Winston, Hammond and D.va! Combining the best and the worst metas into one! This is gonna be exciting! (Seriously, I hope this becomes a thing)


Hammond can’t protect his team, at all. He has no way to soak damage other than forcing the enemy to shoot at him over his teammates.

He also deals far less damage than D.Va. she can demolish a squishy hero almost instantly, but Hammond’s damage is rather low.

Hammond is more like Roadhog. Tons of sustain, heavy CC, but no way to actually deny damage.


I was tired of seeing D.va anyhow


Most effective I’ve seen him so far: hitching to central hub on final point and swinging in circles to knock off would-be defenders to cap the last 3rd of the point.


me @ the people wishing Hammond makes D.Va trash


d.va can eat ults so i disagree


I agree but dva usually ends up dying whenever she’s trying to single a person out and kill someone and if she dosent die usually the people on the other team know almost instantly and she dies anyway.


I wonder if stun can not him out ball form. As it is now, I can this maybe bringing some dive tactics back. Will this make people complain less about Brigitte now?


You see Dva’s more than Rein/Zarya? Can i join your games?


Pewdiepie voice

NOW you know how us Bastion mains feel. Bastion isn’t even the best barrier buster anymore. It’s fun having the power creep, feature creep, and how it replaces previous heros, right?


D.Va and Hammond work completely differently. D.Va dives in and eats damage while dealing a lot of it up close. Hammond is basically PURELY disruptive. He juggles enemies around and benefits when there’s multiple enemies around him, whereas D.Va is extremely good at singling heroes out and preventing deaths/damage to her team.

Hammond’s ball form doesn’t have a crit but it’s balanced out by not being able to deal lots of damage. Trades no crit damage + mobility for low damage output and no shield usage.

His primary fire is great at range, but just because D.Va’s isn’t doesn’t mean Hammond’s shouldn’t either. That’s like saying “Well Reinhardt has no reliable ranged damage, so Orisa shouldn’t either.”


Corrections Hamtaro have 80 bullets and his HamClaw is on 6 second cooldown.
D.va is easier to use, have better deffensive capabilities and more burst damage. They work great together but put agnist eachother… Depends how proficient you are with SpiderHamster swing.


thank you for the corrections I’ll fix them now but I disagree about her having better defensive capabilities with reasons in my post.