Hammond is a Main Tank


I’m not even talking about Hammond. I’m actually in complete agreement with you that Hammond is a main tank. I just think it’s silly to disagree that barriers are great for teams in most situations as one poster said. They are. The pickrates prove this at all tiers of play. But evidently according to you even the pros are braindead for ever needing a barrier.

And now you’re claiming that having a comp with no healers is not only legitimate but also common? Come on.


I’m not saying its common or optimal. You said

Which IS true. It makes you more counterable and weaker, but its still true. Not for those reasons tho. I said its more common than you think. Watch this if you havent. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzXykv6-3xM

0 healing p much.

Its comp dependant. If you have comp that survives with out a barrier you odnt need one. Look at quad DPS in OWL, but one of the DPS isnt McCree are they? In OWL shields are comp dependant, and in ladder they are completely unnecessary if you can play around it.


And Reinhardt isn’t a main tank if he just sits in spawn spamming voicelines. What’s your point?


I would argue that Reinhardt isn’t playing the role of a main tank if he is just constantly charging into the enemy team.

And that to an extent, a main tanking is more of a verb, than a noun.

That said, it takes way less coordination you get a Rein to be a main tank, than it takes for a Hammond to be a main tank.

And below a certain skill tier, I would have zero expectations of Hammond providing any main tanking.


Same could be said for Winston. I will never look to any rank below Diamond to define a hero’s role, because there you can even call Torb an Off tank.


I’d say Hammond isn’t a main tank below Diamond, and Winston isn’t a main tank below Plat.


In lower elos the reins charge constantly and the orisa usually just sit in a corner. And the dps usually don’t consistently play around the shield and you cannot count on the rein block shatters. He rarely walks through chokes

All the things rein is for, he does not do.

What is the difference between rein and Hammond/Winston in this context? How are they disqualified from being main tanks by gold (or whatever)standards? Is a shield no one uses that important


I’m not joking when I say only wood tiers think Hammond is an off tank. The lower you go in rank the more basic people’s understanding of the game is. In their mind shield = main tank and everything else is big fat dps.
Tanks are all about map control and the difference between main and off tank is the role they take in establishing map control.

Main tanks prevent long range damage either by blocking it or diving (preventing the damage from coming in in the first place) and they have the tools necessary to take away map control from the enemy.
Off tanks have the tools necessary to support the main tank (and the team in general) and have enough dps to enforce your team’s control over the area that your main tank took/is holding to prevent the enemy from simply walking in (main tanks lack the damage to do that on their own).

Hammond is all about harassing the enemy (prevents damage from coming in) and creating space with his cancerous CC.
None of his abilities are meant to directly support a teammate and his dps isn’t high enough to consistently scare off enemies.

He’s a main tank.


Don’t know why this has to keep being said but…

OWL =/= Matchmaking

Not even close…Hammond may be a main tank in OWL. In matchmaking…not so much.


By this, if you mean below Diamond, then sure. Hammond is consistently used as a Main Tank above Diamond and a bit in Diamond. You should always look to OWL to see a heroes role/how they should be played. Otherwise I’d start calling Torb an off tank based on gold and below.


I agree. See, if shes just clicking heads, that’s better than creating space. She is better than a main tank !

IT should be Hammond off tanking for widow.


Yep, tons of engage potential there.


Can Hammond take sustained fire or aggro? No, is it a death sentence if he doesn’t roll off soon after he engages?


(Btw these labels are kind of stupid and futile to use in Overwatch)


Unfortunately most users of the overwatch forums do not understand this.
Do not ever listen to them. Unless you want to get bossed around by bronzes.


Explain then how hog isn’t a main tank when he create space by forcing enemies to stay 20m away from him.


You missed the part where I also said

Convenient, no?

Can Winston? Can Orisa? Can ANY hero take sustained damage before having to back off/use abilities? Is this even a part of being a main tank?


Being the focus over the squishies? Yes, actually


I see him used as either all the time and I’m wood tier. Even bronzes can watch a Your Overwatch video:

Double off-tank with Hammond isn’t some ancient secret.


I agree, but that doesn’t change the fact that Hammond is a main tank in the majority of compositions he’s played in when played correctly. You can’t take an example of a hero being played incorrectly to judge which category you should put them in.

I don’t agree with this however. On Hammond, you do your job by displacing enemies, creating chaos in their backline and splitting their attention, all of which are very independent roles, and all your team has to do is take advantage of the opportunities you make. Meanwhile Reinhardt actually requires the team moves as a unit, and when you’re playing Rein if your team doesn’t coordinate with you you’re gonna get isolated and killed.

I’d say Reinhardt requires more coordination, but the coordination is a bit easier compared to Hammond compositions.

Agreed. Or even if he does, I’d have zero expectation of anyone taking advantage of opportunities he creates.


Winston? No.
Orisa? Yes.