Hammond Buff Ideas

Increase ammo to 100.
Adaptive shield shouldnt disable ball mode.

Yes. This.

I can’t count the number of times where being able to hit my E during Ball form would have saved my life. Often, hitting E and subsequently transforming into your combat mode kills you, because you’re slowed down and can’t transform back in time without the entire shield being gone.

Not to be rude, but Jeff’s already said no to this.

Considering Wrecking Ball’s pick rate is terrible and he has two hard counters, he needs some buffs because he has too many weaknesses.

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Hey hey, I’m just the messenger here.

Think that’s because hes still a relatively new hero who is on the harder side to play and requires coordination which isnt common outside of very upper brackets and pro play.

Sombra being meta at the moment definitely isnt helping his case but I’d hold off on major buffs until at least after Hero 29 is announced. Could be someone that works well with Hammond while also checking Sombra. Or it could just be a by product of the meta not suiting him.

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i didnt know that…

He’s sitting around a 5% pickrate among tanks in GM.

He has too many weaknesses and is too hard countered. Has nothing to do with meta, he’s just weak.

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i would be happy if they increased the explosion damage/radius of his ult, and made them a bit tougher to kill. it is suppose to be area denial, yet i see countless people just walk right into them and clear them all out with no problems.
Anyone with an aoe, shield, or even roadhog while healing, just instantly removes the ult.

If you say so I guess.

You have a point here, but I would like to also point out that the devs have said things before then later done stuff that’s contradicted earlier statements

Adaptive shield shouldnt disable ball mode.
jeff said it was to allow counterplay.

i’d say decrease the ammo and increase the damage

I’m just giving information. I have no opinion either way.