Hammond balance ideas

15,000 posts about fixing Bastion and nothing, but one thread about balancing Hammond and an immediate response?

It’s alright Blizzard, just blow us off some more :expressionless:


Honestly. I just cringe whenever I see this kind of thing.

People saying stuff like “than” instead of “then” just drives me wild as well.

Like, What are you gonna do than? What does that even mean?

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AH! Two responses in one post! Thank you for your insight Jeff <3

Yeah it doesn’t make sense that shielding removes ball-form. Ball-form should never be removed, except from hack

Hey Jeff, that’s a great intention but wouldn’t it make more sense if he could use adaptive shields while in ball form?

Yeah this^

Being forced out of ball form is a big hindrance… but only because (at least for me), it seems like hammond doesn’t always respond when you hit shift to get him to transform into the ball… maybe it’s my keyboard… I’ll try mapping to a different key… but it happens a lot and is super frustrating when you’re trying to escape and he just keeps scuttling along on this little legs.

Would he not technically mitigate more in ball form since it will take the enemy longer to kill you since they can’t crit you?

The age of internet and smart phones everywhere are upon us. Spelling is for goobers or something.

Yes you cant be critted in ball form, have increased mobility and you auto reload. When he uses adaptive shield he gets shields which act as a burst heal which go beyond his max hp pool and dont feed Ult charge to the enemy.

He really needs a little more armor IMO. I have used piledriver and shields in the middle of the enemy team and get instantly melted even though I have almost 1000 hp. I don’t want to lower the skill floor too much, but he could use a little love.

P.S. Don’t forget about Bastion either, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

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And you know what’s the most terrible thing in the earth?
Immobility effects on Hammond prevents him using “Grappling Claw” or “Roll”.
But if you rolling, you can use “Adaptive shields” and switch to “hamster” mode, opening your critzone and maybe receiving some shields.

So you can use it to turn into battle mode, but you can’t turn back into ball mode. That sucks.

Dude, you have more game than I do trying that.

That is like giving Doomfist a shield buff…wait a minute…

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It sure would be nice if he could pop shield while in ball mode.


Exactly! Having to leave ball form to active your adaptive shields feels very clunky. Wrecking ball is built around fluid movement but his defensive ability stops you dead in place. It feels weird for his defensive ability to force you into a more vulnerable and less mobile state.


lol if only you would respond to torbjorn change suggestions so fast


How to fix this game, honest opinion!

#1 Rework Brigitte so she will be fitting into one Hero category!

#2 Force everything 2/2/2 QP and Ranked, you pick your class before you search games!

#3 It would make more people play Tanks and Healers because they get faster QUE-Times!

#4 My friends would actually think what they will play and don’t have to kill each other over Heroes and who will play Tank or Healer this round…

he is trading being a troll pick to be a must pick

At least give him a bigger clip if nothing else.

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Jeff your first and second statement cancel each other out. When you roll in you get countered but you said to use adaptive Sheild for this but you would get much sheild if you use it before rolling in plus you’ll be kicked out of your ball mode so if he got a damage reduction in ball mode it would make him more survivable.

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