Hammond balance ideas

I’ve been doing a lot of damage with his abilities. I think it’s fine.

Having Hammond to shield up in ball mode or to have dmg reduction will result in an unstoppable contesting machine. It already takes pretty much time to kill him in ball mode because of “no headshots”.
I think he’s the best tank for now to contest something.

It’s good to see you posting again Jeff. I appreciate your comments.

Soo… what is hanzo trading?


I would ult after pile driver. they can;t move out of the way if they are up in the air.

Technically he does have some damage mitigation in ball form.

He has no critbox while in ball mode.

If you use it after piledriver they can usually escape. Piledriver knocks them in the air just long enough to arm the mines. If you use it after, they usually hit the ground by the time you finish deploying them, and have the entire arming time to escape.

why make him so mobile than?


Exactly! Look at Hanzo! He’s a monster at close, medium and long distances, got insane burst, superior movability, a great ult and can see through walls…

…But in return he’s weak in [???] :thinking:

It’s all about the balancing trade-offs.


You do realize you can pop right back in, in one second?

And what is stopping you people from shooting the enemy team while drowning in 1400 health? Why are you guys wanting to run away so much?

When I tend to swing in, pile drive and shields up, sometimes I will absorb a ton of fire WHILE FIRING BACK. In this instance, a good team will follow up behind me and you can see the enemies ultimately push back. Hammond can absorb a ton of damage…use those instances to your advantage. Dont be afraid to take some fire and fire back.

He’s not “so mobile”. Maybe because that is just how they intended? You guys really dont need to know the macro level design philosophy of each hero. If thats what they intended and want, then leave it at.

youre missing the point…they literally want to punish you for being skilled with one part of a hero.

Not missing anything at all actually.

Just ignore when they start talking about balance. It’s all trolling. Too bad we cannot report those posts.

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I feel like Hammond is killed to quickly during a fight maybe he could have damage resistance whilst in ball mode

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And we wonder why they don’t engage with us more often!


Oh that’s great! So when are you going to give ‘trade-offs’ and weaknesses for Hanzo? :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Can’t you put out anything that explains how you intended him to be used like? From what I see, people just nonstop feed as Hammond. Clearly not used as intended.


Problem is 15 second cooldown is too long. It should honestly be 12 seconds. The shield ability isn’t even as strong as it seems to be. No matter how much health a hero has, they can be killed super fast. I know because I seen Hammond get ‘wrecked’ instantly so fast. He can get his health to 1000 to 1300 and die very fast is what I’m saying.

If it was 12 seconds, I think he can use it much more often and have long survivability.

Also make his ammo 100 in clip size? Hammond is supposed to get in, disrupt and gun people down before rolling away. I however find myself reloading more than gunning. I think 20 more bullets will solve this issue.


People play them how he’s played best once they learn the hero
You can’t expect them to already know exactly how he should be played considering anyone could always find a more efficient or better way than what’s already being done.