Hammond annoying as heck


You know how"hitscan" like a mcree or soldier and are considered counters to Phara so long as the whole team doesn’t try and counter her she can hold her own , as long as she plays out of their line of sight? Well Sombra is a tier above Hard Counter. If you know how to play her then Hammond is literally a throw pick and is worth reporting for throwing if he stays on him. Assuming you try and actually play to counter him. Mei is a tier below Sombra if you don’t play her well. Then Mcree.


I’ve noticed same thing playing winston, sombra makes him useless, hacked on a dive and your completely useless.


Hammond is not a throw pick just because u never saw a good Hammond even if the enemy team has a Sombra . im a Hammond One-Trick and i got to Master this and last season whit only playing him… Reporting a Hammond just because he didnt switch is false reporting

U just sounds like this kind of Meta Slaves who instant report a Player when u didnt like the Hero pick


Gee, it’s almost like a hero is supposed to be countered through competent counterplay instead of mindlessly throwing yourself at them and hoping it works. Who knew?


I got to masters with hammond too (ON PC). But you did not stay master so that point is not really valid otherwise if that were true you wouldn’t of dropped?

Getting to master and staying in master vs good Sombras on PC is tough . I play both Console and PC and PC is literally a different level than console. Sombra on console is not very threaten and i was being facetious about reporting. She really destroys him on diamond and above tho. Sombra doesn’t feel like a popular pick on console i think i seen only a few compared to what i seen on PC.


Also Junkrat, nothing as funny as a swinging ball suddenly getting caught in a trap and panicing before you just lay into him.


I see some people say that reaper is good to deal with hammond, i said he is good to scare him off, but not to chase hammster around, good hammond propably would play around reaper anyway :confused:


Also zenyatta. I know this might sound weird but zenyatta orbs can enable fast melting on hamster players and can nullify the base damage from quad cannons. My first target when destroying a team is zenyatta.

Also reaper I do not consider a counter at all. He is just totally outpaced to where he needs to be combined with a real cc based hero to effectively hurt hamster in any real way.


Dont find him annoying at ALL.
Sombra, Mei are the 2 best counters. McCree, Bastion and Hog are good too.


That feeds 5x more and kill 5x less.


its funny when people call him a fat tracer lol


I think mcree, sombra and zen are counters. Roadhog will just feed Hammond cause he can kite his hook and shoot him.


You can shoot him or charge into him with rein (let’s be real, reins so mandatory 99% of the time he will be on the team) you don’t need cc.

Despite having said that imo hammond is god tier vs a team without any cc and S tier vs a team with maybe one or two ccs that aren’t very good.

Example; hammond can solo crap on a team that has hog/cree. Good hog and crees can stun you if they stay near their team but you can just as easily bait the abilities and your hook will always come back first. Even then on ladder you’ll often get away with being stunned as teams often fail to teamshoot.

Versus a mei or sombra though it’s a totally different ball game. Sombra vs hammond is stupid broken he has no chance versus a team.with a sombra that has a brain. Mei can be worked around but it’s very hard.


I dropped because i didnt was playing the Game for like 3 weeks and because my last 3 Game was very unlucky ( throwers and leavers ). U know that u can lose SR when u are not playing a long time ?

So u want to tell me that my point isnt valid just because i didnt played the Game for a long time and was very unlucky whit my teamates that i got throwers and leavers ? wow just wow it instant make me into a worse Player

THis is why u are at Platinum nice Proof but hey u blamed me for not staying in Master :wink: Also u are playing other Heroes as Hammond i only playing Hammond and got to Master whitout switching and i hv played against alot Sombras


I saw sleepdart mentioned but not Ana? Weird. Sombra is definitely a hard counter if she focuses on you as WB. Mei can wall you off and keep you slow once your momentum is broken. But for me, Sombra and Ana are the ones I HATE. Hack makes him into a giant ball of ult charge for the other team and sleep darts mega long recovery time is just a death sentence.

Oh, and an aware hog , hooking you out of the air is also VERY discouraging.


Sombra, Mei, Somewhat Junk, Hog, and Hanzo are all pretty good. Look at Karq’s video on Hammond, and see what he is bad against.


Sombra certainly, unless Hammond is running with Winston, then you’re just a big ball of nope.

Other than that any kind of boop or CC makes life hard. Actually went against a Junkrat recently who just nailed his traps every time, so I had to give up.


Sombra, Hog, Bastion, Torb, Reaper. Pick Mei for extra salt, Hamster hates her a lot.


You realize that burst damage can shut him down, in addition to cc, right? Something like a third of the hero roster can shut Hammond down


I’m plat because i stopped playing for a bit. i only placed plat like 2-3 times out of every season usually because i took a long break. i’m usually higher diamond low masters. I also play solo que and no mic. But get on PC and show me how good of a Hammond you really are. And check my career history and see for yourself. On PC one tricks don’t get very far either. Especially off tank off meta choices.