Hammond and Torbjorn's new ultimate + a mercy revert

cough cough calling for a cast time cough

Having them be ressurected and immediately die only because of the ressurect, is a counter to ressurect inherently.

“line 'em up, knock em down.” - McCree

lmao what, might aswell never ressurect wtf, that like the bad part of bionade on your team and a better discord on all of your teammates

Not in practice. The issue is that if they go back on this, nobody will ever accept their decision-making ever again. They’ll be brigaded forever over anything anyone dislikes.

You think people complains about decisions now? Wait until complaining about a decision actually worked.

roadhog is finally getting a buff after well over 16 months of begging. so by your logic everything theyve ever done will now be challenged?

you dont fck up a characher this bad and not have people oppose it, this isnt a “rework” they literally gutted a character.

Mass rez is extremely strong and can turn fights immediately when used properly. Add in that to mercy’s already great mobility and passive regen and you got yourself a fantastic support with decent healing that cant miss or run out and now has a fantastic ult which can undo combos and ults.

You might get a buff out of them, or even a rework. They might admit the new thing they created isn’t great. But they can’t go back.

They gave a nice, detailed explanation of why it was bad, and they weren’t wrong. Giving in to pressure is just weak. They can’t do that.

I mean, it wouldn’t even clear the brigading. They’d just get counter-brigaded by people who hate mass rez.

exactly! an IMPACTFUL hero

what we have now is not this, we have a support with great mobility, second worst single target healing that is on a channelled beam, meaning she cannot do anything else without stopping her healing. and yet she has the second slowest.

she has the overpowered ability to negate a pick every 30 seconds, regardless of how well you’re playing, wheras old ressurect required proficiency in the rest of her kit to generate consitently and quickly.

so, she cannot miss her healing or run out of rescource and as a tradoff it’s trash tier - she cannot do anything but heal/damageboost/shoot wheras ana has major utility and moira can secure kills + picks on her own whilst also still healing.
and she has a gross conglomeration of everyone elses abilities as an ultimate.

she feels bad to play, yet has the same winrate she did prior to invulnerability. what do they have to lose by going back.

that already happened, and she got bent over because of it lmao.


honestly, sticking with a fundamentally bad design looks worse for them ¯\(ツ)

hopefully it comes soon, cos this current mercy is garbage.

Heroes I have been chased off of by balance changes or remakes:
Junkrat (Grenade size nerf)
Orisa (introduction of Brigitte makes Rein the one true tank)
Ana (Mercy 2.0)
Lucio (Mercy 2.0)
Dva (most recent damage nerf)
Symmetra (introduction of Doomfist, returned with Sym 3.0)
Reaper (introduction of Brigitte)
McCree (Hanzo megabuff)

I mean… you can’t get attached to any one hero in this game. You gotta be ready to move on.

Theres impactful and overly strong. There are other ways to make mercy fun without having rez. Stop thinking in the term of must have rez and youll come up with a million different things. Overheals, Burst heals, shooting and healing at the same time, immunities, in-vulnerabilities, buffs, boosts, better flying and delayed healing traps. Theres a million different things besides something that didnt work once

isnt that the selling point of the game? although when i bought it fun was also a priority of the devs.

if you think i only play mercy, im not going to do that to my team, when i could play moira who is much better design wise, plays well is way too good for the effort put in, or ana who at a basic level is very easy to play.

ive mained all roles, and i like all roles, im a flex player by nature.

we have been brainstorming for a year around about.

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Well, in that case I’d just let Mercy take a little rest and play something else. They’ll probably fix her eventually. But it could be ages - I mean, Ana was dead so long that I picked her up, played her in QP long enough to make her my most played hero, gave up all hope that she’d ever be fixed or useful, dropped her, and moved on to the point of not even wanting to play her again, between the two points in the game she was actually viable in competitive. That’s how long she was bad. My entire play cycle happened while she was allowed to be useless.

Also, I’d expect they to do something totally different from player suggestions if they do remake her. Devs almost always avoid following player suggestions because they don’t want the players hounding them for credit or accusing them of being unoriginal.

it did work… no one gave a damn about it untill it got invul, everyone loves to just forget about the 6 month period ana dominated the meta, everyone loves to forget no one complained at beta (when it was even more OP) everyone seems to forget that it had a negative winrate untill it got invulnerability. they could have kept res and tweaked it, removed invuln added LoS, a cast time. literally anything. but people got there way and now we have Valkyrie.

someone made a concept for that was literally moira a good while before her release. i didnt once see them “hounding them for credit.”

core concept is literally the same

I’ll be honest, I don’t think most of the remakes people suggest would actually be fun.

The only reason I can see anyone liked Mercy 1.0 was that she had a ridiculously overpowered ult (on an otherwise underpowered hero that balanced out to average overall) that gave people a power rush. The rest of the character is either unchanged or improved (ignoring the 50 hp/s nerf for now). Either the new ult has to be similar, in which case it’ll just make everyone else angry (overpowered ults are no fun to play into and are really hard to balance) or it has to be weak and her power has to be redistributed, in which case she’ll be basically the same as she is now.

I think the ultimate core problem of Mercy is that her basic gameplay model of heal-beaming is just really boring. It can’t be fixed. Giving her really lopsided mechanics, like her previous overpowered ult, isn’t a good design either, it’s just a design that’s unpleasant to play into rather than play.

all other healers play the same way tbh, also name me 1 ultimate that is genuinely enjoyable to play agains.

not “rdiculously overpowered” but game changing. it actually felt like you were doing something, that’s valkyries isssue, it might aswell be renamed.

all other healers play the same way tbh, also name me 1 ultimate that is genuinely enjoyable to play agains.

not “rdiculously overpowered” but game changing. it actually felt like you were doing something, that’s valkyries isssue, it might aswell be renamed.

her ult contributes nothing but a bad orisa ult, unless she whips out that pistol, which for some reason gets buffed, although she’s a pacifist combat medic.

also valkyrie strips her of all of her weaknesses, removing the challenge involved with dicipline and prioritization. mercy was fun, because it was a hustle that led to a glory moment, try to stay alive wiht a target on your back, and if you succeed you’re rewarded by bringing maybe 2-3 people back… let’s be honest, when we say that mass res is op, we think of a 5 man res, but how many did you ever see? honestly?
mass-riptire is so OP its unfair that it can just wipe 6 people in a 10m radius!!! rawr! unfair! anti-fun! some nice buzzwords that peopel like to use for mass res, but really. when did you ever see a 5 man res, cos i saw maybe 4.

this is what it feels like the devs are doing to mercy, sombra, reinhard, and ana players

it’s timestamped btw.

that scene displays 2 things
“welcome to hell, it’s not as hot as you thought it’d be, ha!”

“becase im smoking, and i dont do one without the other”

drinking while pregnant is proven to be a bad for the baby, the baby being the aformentioned heros and drinking being nerfs/bad choices, and the smoking is leaving them all in the dark. they arent Just nerfing the wrong aspects of these heroes, they’re ignoring allmost all discussion that goes on about them.

both are bad ideas and hurt the baby/playerbase.

“welcome to hell” because that’s the forums right now.


What? No, they don’t. Healing with Ana requires aim and is a constant exercise of skill. Moira has to juggle healing, orbs, and damage. Lucio, Brigitte, and Zenyatta heal passively, but they’re always engaging the enemy.

As far as playing into ultimate, most of them are fine to play into. There are only a few that feel really cheap to me. Dragonblade is too good, Meteor punch is a totally free kill on some heroes, EMP is probably also too strong. But mass rez was much worse than any of them. I remember how I felt about it at the time… it always felt spectacularly cheap.

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its a battle of prioritizing who to heal and when. ana can just shoot tanks all day, but if she doesnt take a break from healing the almost full hp tank a low hp squishy might die, it’s the same for the other main healers, especially mercy, who heals the slowest out of them all.

i should clarify, i meant to say main healers.

to have 1 2, or 3 people come back? i can imagine, but she doesnt do much for the rest of the game no doubt. her heals have always been slower than any of the other main healers, and ressurect balanced that out. same goes for ana having an amazing kit and an ult entirely for someone else, and moira having an ult that gives her the prospect of an amazing impact.

sure it felt cheap, but her heals arent as good as ana, who can pocket someone at infinite range for something like 85 hp/s or moira’s crazy amounts of AOE heals and dmg potential.

Or they are making a few area denial ults because it’s something OW doesn’t really have yet.
Sure they have zoning ults like DVa bomb, HighNoon, Torbs ult now etc. but not really an are denial ultimate. Hammond was the first hero to have an ult that literally blocks off a certain area and makes it unpassable. Torb now going to be the second hero.
My guess is, that they are adding new stuff OW doesn’t have yet. Torbs ultimate also works like an AOE damage area, which is very common for heroes to have in MOBAs. Plus it really fits the character very well, I always thought it’s weird that Torb can drink lava, shoot lava in his gun but not directly spill lava on the floor!

Mass rez is highly unlikely to come back. They would never make a decision which would get the rage of most of the community (everyone who doesn’t play Mercy) against them. It would be business-wise very unclever and unprofitable if they do so. Many people would stop playing. Yes you’d have the Mercy mains coming back to play, but it’s still a vast minority if you’d compare it against everyone who would leave (lots of people who don’t play Mercy).
People are anyways leaving this game so it makes no sense for them to revert Mercy when the vast majority of the playerbase wanted mass-rez gone. The same way they will never bring back scatter or Hog 1.0.
What I see them do is maybe rework Mercys ultimate in the future, because believe it or not, they actually listen to their playerbase. While it may take a while (they are working on Hog rn), they will do it eventually. I think heroes like Torb, Sombra and Hog are a bit higher up their priority right now, which is good. They have been trash since over 1 year now, Torb since forever.

the whole reason i bought this game was because they had simple heroes for people who’d never played FPS games to pick up and be good at. seriously. the allure was heroes like mercy pharah and soldier. mercy specifically as it required minial aim, having that hero be boring is not a good move. they need to do something.

not everyone who didnt play mercy hated mass res, it was honestly fine, no one cared about it untill it got invuln when ana was added.

those 2 things were genuinely unbalanced and unhealthy and offerend minimal counterplay.

and instead of tweaking and adding counterplay back they removed mass res lmao

highly debatable. they listen when high level players whine about “hide and res” resulting in gutting mercy’s kit

Torb’s rework is literally on the PTR, playable right now. Sombra is a new issue, and roadhog is being looked at right now.

mercy has been a problem for 12 months. and they think they were “successfull” in making mercy the only negative winrate healer. nothing is being done, they only chose to respond to thank you posts, or posts of accusations. a mercy post is the number 1 most liked post right now, and it’s still not had any dev activity same for a 1 and a half year old bastion post.

Not really the first two. Just the first two that do it in prolonged periods. D.va ult can be seen as area denial and a well timed one used to make mass rez useless back in the day


Depending on circumstances, mass rez could be made useless, if players died in graviton combo: almost any ult(even tracer’s bomb) would re-wipe them again.

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This. This couldve been a cool change to mass rez wherein rezzed teammates would respawn where mercy is standing allowing more counterplay and what not