Halloween Terror 2018 - [Waiting Room now LIVE!] ☕


Mine is done already lol


Bruh we’ll be breaking it when the +40 million players all login at once


anyone doing legendary from the go?


gonna do my boxes first


Doing my mass lootbox opening for my channels


Here’s me hoping not to get stuck in the 30,000 queue.

Who am I kidding, it always happens.


when its done will there be a patch update thing or no? cause i clicked to check update and then it started to update, I walked away then came back and now its gone but the patch update is the one from Sept


ive saved up 14k coins so i can hopefully get all the skins i need this year


its a small update 1.4gb


I’m getting on c yall later!


IM IN BOIS omy sooo spooky


gl all, may even see you all in game. Let’s get them achievements


Unfortunately I cannot play…

NanoByte.exe has been banned till 18th October


the fk? what did u do


Don’t even bother asking :frowning:


BEING TOXIC!! you said cooties!



I just said something to someone playing some hero

(Tom Powers) #174

Cheers all! And Happy Halloween Terror 2018!

Good luck, have fun, and creep it real. :+1: :ghost: Happy haunting!


Unfortunately, I was wrong about a new boss, oh well, glad to see this event back again. :slight_smile:


Than you, same to you! :blush: