Hacker or troll top 500 smurf?

Enemy soldier FIFI is either a troll top 500 smurf looking to ruin a few games in competitive before having to level another account to 25 to repeat the process because he has no life…

Stop smurfs and hackers please

Here is the replay code 6PGDCY watch it in overwatch by entering the code and spectate this monster who ruins games in gold…

Literally gets 3 soldier ults in less then 3 minutes… he has to be a hacker or a troll smurf

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I can’t get this code to work

new patch meaning all replay codes from pervious patch stop working

Soldier can get his ult pretty fast due to his healing/damage capabilities, so yeah you can get ults pretty fast if you know what you are doing.

Seeing your rank is mid-gold, you might get some low to mid plats in your game, which i’m sure could pull of something like that.

Doesn’t take a hacker, smurf is a possibility.
Right a tip for your games, just farm ult and ez win, pretty much how it works.

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