Guys, i need help. I just got banned

I bought this game at release. My account is even older than that and I just lost access to OW for allegedly hacking. I appealed but I got the canned response saying they’re not changing their mind. Where do I go from here?

The idea that a major company that you’ve trusted for years and years with your money and time can arbitrarily cancel your investment is crazy. I don’t cheat, never have, never will. Just watch my replays, does it look like I’m cheating?

Why would I risk my ancient account on a fake win anyways? It doesn’t make sense.

I have a new wireless keyboard with Bluetooth optimization software. Could that have triggered Blizzard’s anticheat ? No mods. No scripts. No off-brand software. nothing. This doesn’t make any sense.

Just suddenly, banned.

Please help


same here Im a player from Taiwan and play overwatch for 6 years
got banned on September 27
they say I use cheat/hack too…

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If you feel you were unfairly banned, you need to use the ticket system to appeal. No one on the forum can assist with account issues.

Does your wireless keyboard are Razer?

Used the Appeal ticket…They finalize their decision and won’t bother to reply the tickets anymore after…straight up got ignore by Blizzard

Unfortunately, you got your answer then.


There are a few other forum posts about this exact issue that all cropped up yesterday and the day before. Definitely something going on Blizzard’s side, GMs are just sending out automated responses instead of actually researching the issue. Keep using the ticket system. If they don’t respond, call, if you can’t reach anyone then write a letter directly to them.


Responses to appeals are not automated. Please stop spreading misinformation.


Yep…they didn’t bother to check properly (probably cz blizzard doesn’t have staff anymore like they used to)…The new ai are detecting False positive…i’m only using Msi afterburner and few RGB software

One thing I did do just before I got banned was buy the OWL Reaper skin from the shop. Very next game I got a ban.

Replies are either automated or the GMs are so profoundly disinterested in helping (or too overwhelmed to help) its functionally no different than an automated reply.


Yep, got a ban 2 days ago and i hadnt even played for a couple of days either. I was in bed when i got the mail and to my shocked surprise i see that i got a ban. After appealing they replied with the usual automated answer that everyone gets and it is apparently my fault for playing their game.

yes they are automated!


That’s funny because in Season 3 I started getting chain banned on all my accounts for no reason. I had to appeal AT LEAST 5 times to get a real response from someone who escalated it up to their hack/cheating department and guess what? I got unbanned. The ticket system is garbage.

I kept getting the same generic responses until a human responded to me, so you need to stop spreading misinformation.


Like every customer support department of every company, there are certain phrases used for responding to certain situations (due to their legal department etc). But humans still look at every ticket, even if they respond with similar wording to the same complaint.

If you’re innocent, I hope they turn your ban around, but receiving a similar response doesn’t mean AI is answering tickets.

it’s funny u are saying that the support are human… i send 5 of the ticket all are using the same answer…
“This penalty has already been upheld. Any further requests on this topic will not be reviewed.

The same type of reply even Automated/AI answer is more helpful than this

Goodluck buddy i had the same problems and also original owner of ow 1 ! They tryna take our skins away so we feel obligated to buy them marked up 10 years later

Tbh i give up already there’s nothing I could do anymore…They just didn’t care with the same automated/chatgpt like reply.They have the power we can’t fight their policy benefiting themself with using " we will not be able to disclose further details regarding our investigation" They should at least let us know what’s the program causing the detection and they didn’t even bother to fully investigate anything


Does anyone here play ffxiv?

Yes, I play ffxiv.

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