Gutting Mercy Isn't The Play

I disagree.

If this was the case, then I don’t see why these changes in OW2 want to keep putting power and survivability into her Valk. Kinda hard to kill when you are fast, have passive regen, and can heal yourself.

So Valkyrie feels powerful by contrast, even while it’s still garbage of an ult?

“Oh look, you are having hard time killing Mercy in Valkyrie. Luckily, you can just murder her allies, as she sucks at saving them with it, so it doesn’t matter”.

It’s just bizarre.

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That clip shows one of the very few things Mercy can do on her own to be impactful (even tho she needs someone around her to use GA) Stalling on point for 15 seconds until the team comes back, which now is nerfed too since the Valk regen is 15 hps instead of the 22.5 she used to have before the nerfs because now her new passive healing is the same as the other supports and not amped a 50% (22.5hps) + the GA cooldown nerfs wich means she can use GA every 3 seconds not 1.5.

Specifically, the reason they are putting the regen back has because it basically completely prevented Battle Mercy.

That said, yeah giving Mercy a ton of regen when she’s healing damaged teammates still doesn’t make much sense.

For example, they could make it so that the “Healing Equals SelfHeals” doesn’t stack. And that would probably be plenty to get that GA thing fixed.

Throw in a slowdown in GA Valk not being 47% faster travel speed than normal GA.

Or maybe Valk beam doesn’t need to be 30m long, when an objective is 20m long.

But also more generally, this patch is a “fallback” patch, because the previous patch was too much. And they wanted something less controversial before OWL season starts.

It’s very likely the Mercy community could convince devs to do a more fun version of Mercy, if they actually tried to persuade devs instead of trying to command them to do stuff.

I find it hard to talk about theoretical changes on Mercy or actually anyone without either figuring out what the real problem is or thinking of a replacement of the problem issue entirely.

And considering it seems every time this conversation comes out, it doesn’t seem like there’s a concrete opinion on if it’s battle Mercy, Rez, Damage Boost, Valk, the listed problem seems to be all over the place. Some speculate it’s because these potentially have so much core power in them that a balance is pretty difficult.

To be fair, some of the most prominent players and icons have made videos and posts talking about solutions and ideas without much feedback.

(One of the most popular Mercy threads alive.)
The last I can recall was Skeitsi propositioning making Mercy’s GA omnidirectional. Overwatch said the GA techs before were more bugs and so they opted to make it more accessible to a wider audience which, on one hand was nice since you can’t have such strong skill tech without problems arising, but is also why we are currently talking about this to begin with.

Either way, the community has shared a sentiment in all regards. “We understand the concerns of balancing of Valk/Rez/Damage boost. We’re open to rework ideas. Just don’t touch the mobility.” On one hand I can understand what you’re saying, but the Overwatch community as a whole agrees Moth Meta was a deep scar that never healed and everyone is kind of concerned where Mercy could be unless some kind of core of her kit changes.

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Meanwhile Moira’s Fade is getting buffed and Pharah’s ult remains unchanged. Makes me wonder what heroes the product managers play.

In any case, I am actually very surprised how fast they are reverting Mercy. Blizz has left some broken heroes untouched multiple seasons, maybe even years, but Mercy is getting flipped incredibly fast. They really have no idea what to do with this hero.

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I’ve seen most of them. They are usually not that convincing.

And the vast majority aren’t even actionable.

Or stuff like “Replace Damage Boost or Rez with… Some sort of thing…
Dunno devs figure it out.” Which is kinda worthless feedback.

Here goes the mercy crying again…

Devs can’t win for nothing.

You buff mercy, people cry.

You nerf Mercy, people cry.

I’ve come to realize no matter what devs do to Mercy, people will cry.

Hell, people was crying about Mercy in LoverWatch.

Gonna start calling the forums CryWatch.

If there has to be a higher than pre season 3 mercy deathrate, just make her a 175 hp hero and fully revert GA.

The devs hate Mercy, there is no other possible reason, now that they prepare for a real exodus of players, the hornet’s nest has been stirred up too many times and only those who adapt to the nerfs will remain.

Not entirely. They make the game and design it.
They know better than anyone else what can work as a possibly conceivable function of an abstract idea better than these or other forums as a whole. (or should)

The community mainly just has an idea of how a concept, implemented or not, will function. Normally regardless of what hero we are talking, the community on a hero usually just wants a hero to stay strong without removing entirely a thing and not replacing it with something else.

Either way, the Mercy community was completely valid before when Mercy became a point of controversy because Soujorn and that they’d talk fixes after if it was still a problem.
Except both were touched at once so now it’s difficult. Goal posts and reasons keep changing. That’s hard to ask a community of anything to have a rational, well-constructed conversation on.

I have made several suggestions for DB changes and rez changes

That’d just make her way too vulnerable to burst damage.

But I appreciate actually having a solution that isn’t “muh revert”…Which is weirdly a standard that rarely gets met.

It’s a fair sentiment when the outcry before was everything but.

You and I even had conversations about good solutions for Mercy changes, such as giving Damage Boost a cap so it isn’t super strong on burst damage. Damage Boost was the flavor of the month argument right before they nerfed Roadhog without good reason.

They buffed part of kit that nobody asked for (GA in OW2) or in a way that many already knew was going to be broken (the healing increase at 50%).

Because they Nerf what wasn’t the biggest issue-Damage Boost and to a lesser extent Rez.

Even now the “revert” isn’t a revert. It’s only for a straight a-to-b GA.
Any techs like slingshot, Superjump, and I think just crouching even extends the cooldown.

And Mercy players even said they’d be fine if Superjump went on a cooldown-so long as it didn’t hinder how GA worked.

And even more have been wanting a revert of the Superjump rework because it’s causing more problems than before.

Id rather have fast mercy thats 175 hp over slow and clunky mercy at 200 hp

They supposed to know better, than anyone else.

Unfortunately, developers are still only humans.

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Right, but attack speed was a nice discussion, but it would be too jarring on muscle memory to have that constantly switching around on people.

Which incidentally was either Skiesti or Niandra saying the same.

I don’t think I’ve seen a damage boost alternative that “fits”.

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I guess, if it were me, I’d just increase Mercy’s wing hurtbox and shorten the Valk beam length to 20m.