GUILT BY ASSOCIATION - Coming in Season 3

I don’t believe they will be able to tell those players apart xD…

I mean, they already run a gam they’re unable to balance or create a matchmaking that fully functions in QP and Competitive.

This will lead to yet more “damaging to the game” outcome.

Way to go Blizzard :+1: !

glad that solves the problem. just be psychic and have xray vision so you can see the cheaters cheating so that you don’t get banned for them cheating when you are a SOLO queue player. makes total sense. :man_facepalming:


Cool. Get the cheaters. Yeah…

Just don’t get ANY of that extra nonsense on me.

I could easily see someone trolling by inviting randoms to a group then turning cheats on to get them banned

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This is completely irrelevant. Don’t pander to the people who do it. They deserve to be punished just as much as the cheaters do.

The funniest part is that many cheaters get away with cheating without Blizzard noticing it (and others, in the meantime, are falsely banned xD).

How are we, random players, supposed to tell what teammate we’re grouped with is actually cheating ? This is insane.

And for people telling me that “I should be playing with IRL friends or players I know well only”, well sorry to break it to you, I’m the last man standing. All of them have left / moved on for other games :man_shrugging:

If you have someone you duo with and they get called out as a cheater like 3 times in one session would you not be suspicious? I mean, I know random idiots call me a cheater sometimes for no reason but that’s maybe once a month at best lmao

And…? It’s really obvious when someone is cheating, especially if you’re grouped with them. This is meant to hit account boosters and career griefers–if either of those describe you, RIP I guess.

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Yup, it’s like framing someone on online games and being 100% sure it works.

And this is supposed to be progress ? Blizzard’s bad decisions never cease to amaze me. It’s like the phone number restrictions to a game that was P2P for 6 years and genuinely thinking it was a good idea :rofl:

We’re back to square one but I don’t think this is bound to stay. They’ll remove it after the upcoming backlash.

this is ridiculous at best and there’s no way to know or prove it until after the match ends so you can go back and watch the replay. in the meantime, you could be banned for not knowing something. does that sound right to you?

So will we be allowed to leave games with cheaters or will that get us a penalty too?


I refuse to see how banning people who associate with cheaters is anything but positive.

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What if they don’t get called out though? What if your friend gets banned because the cheat they’re using just gets flagged by whatever automated cheat detection Blizzard is using?

Good question xD…

Players should literally be given anti-cheat tools and check players up before grouping up with them, especially when the only incentive for stacking up with pepple is the Battle Pass XP boost :sweat_smile:

It’s easy to understand :

Battle Pass is really slow to grind. The Overwatch team incentivizes Overwatch players to play as stacks to benefit from the XP boost by doing so.

Random player paid 10 dollars for the Premium BP but lacks time to finish it and wants to play in a stack to get the XP boost but yets has no IRL friends to play with since they all deserted the game long ago.

Random player group up with other random people they don’t know (from forums or directly in-game). One player from the group cheats and gets all the others banned too.

See what we’re getting at now ?

I mean, would you tell your friends impressed by your good aim that its all aimbot?

I’m sorry but this is such a stretch.

Now whenever you meet someone randomly in match and that carried the game, you want to invite to play more games together will be lead you to be suspicious :

“What if they’re cheating… ?”

I guess the new incentive is to invite players that did poorly in a match (or that threw it all match long) just to be sure they’re not cheaters so you can benefit from the XP boost :p… What a way to go Blizzard ! :muscle:

I have friends IRL that I know well that I would be willing to play games with, but also don’t trust 100% aren’t willing to cheat. What Blizzard is telling me that I shouldn’t play with these friends because there’s a miniscule chance that they might. Otherwise I risk my own account getting banned by association.

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Like it or not people make throw away boosting account to boost friends or people that pay for the boosts.

The only way to deal with that is actioning the accounts being boosted.

I do think it should be suspention first then perma. To makes sure innocent people don’t get permanently banned.