Guild/Clan System needed 2018 plz :(

 I love this game but With the recent rise of the league and the popularity this is actually causing a  harsh divide. I've had friends literally buy the game because of the league, but were disgusted that internally there is nothing that aids team or community structure  in game. 
 To work towards this type of play style People will be quick to point out Discord, but that is not a in game supported mechanic and most players actually do not know what it is.  Clan systems exist in other team shooters, and as how social this game is its beyond me why we don't have a basic guild bare bone system it does not need to be fancy in the post below he/she covers examples of such.                                                                                                                                    
  Pls if any blizzard Dev sees this Pls pls take this into consideration to help create more of an overwatch community in game.   I believe a lot of the toxicity is steaming from the feel that this is a online single player game due to the lack of systems that aid in  forming teams, and social links of like minded players in game.  Please add something like this soon to help make the game feel more social, and less toxic.                                                                                                  
 Because Seeing Kotaku articles stating "Overwatch's Nicest Players Are Giving Me Anxiety" makes it extremely hard to be a protractor, and advocate for this game. 

Without further adieu this is the suggestion from reddit

All below is from Source - McManus26 Reddit User

It is my opinion that the addition of a guild system into Overwatch would actually be much more than a new feature, but would also be a step forward in solving many problems the game currently has.

First of all,

What is a guild system ?
Let’s quote Wikipedia here :

a clan, community, guild or faction is an organized group of players that regularly play together. These games range from groups of a few friends to 4000-person organizations, with a broad range of structures, goals and members.

It’s basically a set of social options that allow you to play more easily with a group of people you share something with (language, playstyle, hobbies…). It also generally includes exclusive quests and items to earn with the clan, and customization options (color schemes, emblems) to make your clan unique and mark your appartenance to it. A kind of rivalry usually arises between clans resulting in a kind of faction war.

Now that this is out of the way,

What could a clan system look like in Overwatch ?
Here are the main features I’d like to see :

a clan lobby menu : allowing you to see any fellow clanmembers connected, their stats and favorite roles, and communicate with them

a “queue with clanmembers” option for both QP and competitive. Automatically groups you with fellow members of the same level while searching for a game.

Clan customization and items : from clans’ colors and emblems to (hero and weapon) skins and sprays sporting said colors. Victory poses with the banner would be great as well.

A “clan progression” system : each kill and victory earned in the name of your faction helps it rise up the ladder and unlocks the previously quoted clan items.

Why it would help the game on a broader scale
I believe a clan system would be much, much more than a ew gimmick. In fact, here is a (probably non exhaustive) list of the areas where it could be a step in the right direction towards fixing Overwatch’s issues.

a much more social, team-based experience :
In a game so focused on tight team play, the lack of social features truly baffles me. All there is right now is the group up option. I think many will agree with me when I said that you haven’t truly played Overwatch before doing it in a match with 2 fully well trained, communicating teams. A clan system would make the search for regular teammates much more easier and allow to set one’s teammates to his own preferences through his clan’s selection process. It would also make said teams a bit more than just 6 guys working towards nothing more than their individual SR and create a better collective dynamic.

An answer to toxicity :
It is much easier for a clan’s administration to deal with its members than a development team with 30 millions players. Joining a clan with a strict policy on trolling, leaving, griefing etc. would greatly increase the quality of your game experience as a whole. Making having a mic a clan requirement also ensures you talkative teammates.

A big drop of progression of content :
clan items and rewards could be the answer to the current hunger for non-event cosmetic content. Linking it to the clan customization system would allow for a new layer of personality as well. Who doesn’t want to rock his sigil on his main’s weapon ?

Revitalizing QP :
Clan objectives and progression would finally give a full-time objective for people to do something else than dance in spawn in quick play.

Here are, according to me, all of the reasons why a clan system would not simply be a new gimmick like the Server Browser or the Saving Highlights feature. In fact, it could very well be a game changing update, and I believe it should be high on the developers priority list.

Can we get a role queue already?
What’s a question you’ve always wanted a dev to answer?
Why do you want clans/guilds?
Do we need a push?
What are the Best Ideas youve seen on forums
The Lack of Connection- Overwatch's Toxicity and what's behind it
Are we ever going to get guilds?
Main Factions if we got clans like WoW
No clans/guilds?
Yall still play often?
Tired of "Its just QP"

That’s pretty darn good. I’d like to see a guild in OW.


Another pretty comprehensive post about why a guild system would be good, and what features we could see.


Yes plz. (Filler and more filler)


yea I saw that post wanted to help in any way I could my submitting my own. I’m not going to lie i’m very passionate about this topic, and I want this game to have some sort of longevity because its so damn fun when you are with people. Some of my best moments in this game are with a group having fun learning, and sometimes just messing around. But I find that slipping away in this game, and trying to make friends now compared to the start of the game is a whole different topic.


A guild system would be SICK! Blizzard plssssssssssssssssss


Sorry I really love community aspects of games, and this is something i’m rather fired up about. I know i uses plz a lot in this post.


Totally agree. Please Blizzard, add a guild or clan system😁

Do it for Jelly.


No need to apologize. I was agreeing with you. The “(filler and more filler)” was to meet the 20 character minimum for a post.


I would absolutely love a guild system. This game is definitely at its best when you play with a team, but personally I’ve had a hard time finding people to play with regularly. This game is so different and so much less frustrating when played with a friendly six stack and it’s a shame most of us play that way so rarely.

I really like your point about addressing toxicity as well. The whole debate about one tricks would be so irrelevant if people played in guilds where folks could decide as a group what they think is acceptable or not.


Oh Did not realize that just automatically assumed that you were trolling/toxic >_< . thank you for being genuine mate <3


Honestly it’s unfortunate that the game didn’t launch with any looking for group tools or a guild/clan/team system. It’s past time that Blizzard address this.
Overwatch is a team game. Give us ways to find/keep/build better teams.


Yes we totally need this. I want to start a guild called “Cult of the Edgelords”. The requirement to get into the cult is having to use super edgy skins for your heroes like “punk” tracer and witch/devil Mercy (I am so sorry for Zarya mains).

I don’t know if this guild will have much skill (since I will be in it), but at least it will have style (despite the fact that I am in it).


It shocks me that for a Team Based Shooter, we still dont have a guild / clan system yet, let alone launching without one. I truly feel a vast amount of the community issues could be alleiviated or had been outright avoided with a proper team system in place.

We currently play SoloWatch. The soloqueue is real.


Can’t wait to see support mains taking over guilds “sigh”

Role select will be enough in my opinion guilds are over kill.


Yeah, my initial opinion was that “well social media has evolved so there’s really no need for an internal guild system”

but as time has gone on, I’ve been struggling to find people who are a) fun and non-toxic to play with and b) actually reliable teammates. Sure, I can find a lot of nice people, but then I feel bad telling them no sorry if i have to play with people in bronze or silver i will scream.

I think a very tightly-integrated guild/clan system would be really healthy for the game. Like guild names would display under our names like mmos, a separate tab on the social menu for guild stuff, that sort of thing. Maybe have some sort of ranking system too so guilds can have a level of prestige to them.

Idk, but I think there needs to be more effort to connect socially-compatible people outside of the short window at the end of a match to stay with a team.


I have been craving a guild system since season 3. I have always been so confused by the aspect that this is not something they have not at least given a reason as to why it is not in the game. It would make it so clans could keep toxic people out and would in turn make the game all around more interesting with a stronger group system.


omg Exactly Luke47 I feel like The devs are really trying to shoot for the stars when a quick and rather easy solution is right here. Like for example when we got the game browser before the guild system is beyond me. As stated it does not need to be grand it just needs to exist in games so the players can make it grand. It can be polished like everything else later. Hope that if we get enough people Lord Jeff-Sama will manifest into our realm.


I really hope blizzard takes notice of this. I used to play Clash of Clans and for four years I was in the same clan climbing from Bronze to very high up the ladder. I was a member for so long everyone new me almost personally. This is why this could be the answer to toxicity. It takes away the anonymity of all of the players and showing exactly the kind of person they are.


To those who say just use social media eg discord, the only problem is that- while it would sorta work- relying on a third party (especially when not pushed by the company to be used for the game) excludes like 90% of the player base. A simple ui built into the game would work so so so well.


This x 100000000000
I would love for something like this for the clan I’m in. I’m just imagining all the fun doing events like Uprising with fellow clan members to unlock clan trophies or rewards.