GUIDE: Overwatch Twitch Rewards Troubleshooting and FAQ - BASTET Spray Rewards Updated


If anyone comes wandering here tonight, there is an active issue with OWL token drops starting around 7:00 PM PDT on May 23rd. Blizzard is working to resolve the issue.


@LifeSupport Were you able to get your skins. I got a response from Twitch today and I was just looking in the wrong spot.
You go to Overwatch League page on Twitch/ scroll down there will be 4 headers (Event Progress, All-Access Pass, Loot, Info) You click Loot then there should be an button that says Redeem. Click that and you will get the skins.


I have an odd problem in that the the ‘Cheer 300’ skins have not unlocked for me, but the ‘Cheer 1300’ one has. So it’s clearly detected the cheering but doesn’t recognise the lower tiers.


Please double check each item in the Loot page and make sure you have clicked “Redeem”, if you have, start a web ticket with Blizzard.


I’m having trouble getting the OWL gray skins for Mercy and Genji. It says I’ve cheered enough and redeemed them, but I don’t see the skins in game. Also not all of the 26 emotes were unlocked for me. Can someone help me??


Did you remember to return to the Loot tab on click on the Genji and Mercy icons and click the purple redeem link for them?


I did, it says redeemed with the green check. The progress circle to check if you’ve gotten Mercy and Genji is also completely full, but the number of emotes isn’t full. I’m not sure what the problem could be…


Look for the Blizzard logo on the page and over your mouse to verify your BattleTag.


I am verified, I got tokens for the matches that I watched earlier.


Not sure what happened. I been receiving tokens a week ago but since Saturday’s game I haven’t received any tokens.
I have linked my blizzard account to my twitch, as I been receiving my tokens. I switch between the web browser, my ps4 twitch app and mobile app.
My blizzard account is on ps4 and I had linked my console to blizzard before.
I’m also Canadian and took the math test.
So don’t know what’s going on that i randomly stopped receivibg them.


Have you received any 100 token bonuses recently? If so you will have to take the Canadian math test again.


Do you know what else I can do? Or should I just wait for twitch to respond my email?


Well if you have the green redeemed mark on those items. I would open a web ticket with Blizzard instead. They can check your account history from there.


Thank you for replying. How do you do that?


Sorry about that, start here:


Thank you very much for your help!!


Yes I Have! I will do that then. Do I need to keep taking it again each time I get 100 league tokens ?


Yes Canadian law requires an entrant to complete a math test every time they win a prize from the same contest.


Just as a minor update everyone, in an effort by Blizzard’s CS team to tidy up the growing list of stickies in the Technical Discussion forum, the Twitch Guide has been moved by them to the General Discussion forum as handling Twitch Rewards is strictly not a technical support issue. That being said, I will still monitor this topic regularly and will try to provide as much as assistance as I can as a player. Cheers!