GUIDE: Overwatch Twitch Rewards Troubleshooting and FAQ - BASTET Spray Rewards Updated


Hey, has anyone recieved the away skins for OWL All-Access Pass. Because i haven’t. I purchased the pass before the end of Stage 3 and expected to get them on May 16, stated in the annoucement, but i still havent got them yet. i wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this, or is it just me. If so, then please help.


If you go to “Loot” there is an option for “The Players Pack” and you have to click “Redeem”. They should be in the game afterwards.


is that the same for console?


I’m sorry I’m not sure regarding console: I’m a PC player. I clicked Redeem for the Players Pack and the skins were in game for me.


I go to Prime Loot but there is no Players Pack listed. I bought the All Access Pass last stage and Twitch says I have it but no skins.


see, that where im at. @Sheldor


so the question is what do i do?
cause i’m not getting what i paid for and clearly im not the only one.


I am going to give it a day and then I’ll submit a ticket.


what ticket are you talking about?


there has to be some kind of ticket process for Twitch. I think we have to go there there since the items are purchased and redeemed through twitch


You can send an email to ask for support here:


@TechnicalSupport Please help us resolve this issue.


Hi, sometime in the pasty couple of weeks Twitch no longer recognises when I’m watching the OverwatchLeague channel for the token drops. It worked for the first 3 stages of the tournament, and the account link is still working as I received drops for the current BCRF event, just not for the OverwatchLeague channel. My status just stays on ‘Online’ rather than changing to Watching Overwatch League, and I haven’t been getting the tokens in game.

I was wondering if you had any idea what might be causing this issue and/or how I might fix it? I’ve tried everything listed in the main post.


I should add the drops work if I watch through overwatchleague . com, I’d just quite like to be able to watch it with twitch chat and get drops.


Can we get explanations to this? I don’t understand what the loot section says as '“shower of gifts” and what do they even contain and such.


Yeah that is a new feature to unlock a series of Twitch Emotes based off of Overwatch Voice Lines.


I mean that’s clear for that, but why is there such a message and says it’s shared “among X amount of people”, when I read what the loot section tab says, I understand it as when you drop 500 bits, you get those 10 emotes, but it triggers a shower of gift for others (which isn’t clear, because it sounds like selected people gains something rather than a simple message).


Yeah its confusing, but I know if you are one of those lucky people, you get one of those voice line emotes at random.


Oh so, there is actually a chance of earning something from people spending 500 bits to get them? So I understood it right then.


I was having an issue where Twitch was not rewarding me any drops because it kept seeing me as idle/offline while I watched. After installing the Twitch desktop app I never had an issue since it doesn’t log you off automatically for inactivity.