GUIDE: Overwatch Twitch Rewards Troubleshooting and FAQ - BASTET Spray Rewards Updated


Thank you for providing details about the steps you have taken, if you can try watching on a different platform such as in a web browser on the desktop computer, I would recommend trying. Otherwise start a ticket with Twitch Support since you can’t even trigger the notifications:


Hey everyone, its the final weekend for the Ana Bastet Promotion, there are only 2 scheduled streamers remaining on the schedule. Now is the time to give a shout out for help if you are still struggling to receive rewards.

So far based on most of the issues reported this time around, it seems the best working solution has been to unlink and relink the connection between the Twitch account and the BattleNet account. Remember that if you do so you need to at least watch 2 more hours to see if this works.

Otherwise I am seeing issues where players are simply not even getting the Twitch notifications, changing your device used to watch the streams may help, but otherwise if you are struggling with this part, you will need to start a web ticket to Twitch at that point.

If you got the Twitch Notifications, remember to inspect the hero gallery (and NOT the What’s New section) on the Overwatch Game Client. Remember that three of the sprays are exclusive to Ana, 1 spray is exclusive to Solider: 76, and the Bastet Icon spray can be accessed by all heroes. Also remember that the “NEW” notification does not appear on these items when you receive them. This is a promotional item so it will appear next to any other item with the icon, lower down in the list.

Remember once the promotion ends, there will be little that Blizzard, Twitch, or myself for that matter, can do to help you get any missing rewards.

I hope all of you enjoyed the Bastet promotion (as I surely did). Please note once this promotion ends, this topic will be unpinned again. Expect the next Twitch rewards promotion to be Season 2 of the Overwatch League itself and I will have any details updated as soon as I can get them. Cheers! (^^)v


For some reason I have 1 of the 6 hour rewards but not the other?


Wabba, remember to check the hero gallery, not the What’s New section of the game.


What happens if they still haven’t resolved the issue by the time the event is over? I know tomorrow is a holiday but they still haven’t resolved my ticket or even responded at all. It’s not very fair to the players who did watch the required streams to not get the sprays.


Which company do you have a ticket for? Blizzard or Twitch?


Twitch. I’ve checked my spam mail and email daily since I submitted it and I’ve received no reply


Okay, is there any way to watch any of the eligible streams from a different device, I know you said you were watching from the iPad using the official app, but do you have any other devices such as game console or desktop computer you can use?


I have a computer I can try it on. It’s just weird because for the Nano Cola challenge I used the app and I got all the sprays within a day


I have try unlinking and reconnecting my twitch account with my blizzard account and nothing works. I also accumulated 6 hrs watching twitch streams that drops were enabled and I have received any of the 4 hour and 6 hour drop tier for ana and I only received the 2 hour tier only. I have emailed Twitch about this and have not get a reply yet and the event is ending soon I really wished to get these drops.


If both of you can, I do recommend swapping to a different device to watch the remaining stream on.


Hey Everyone! The last Twitch Stream of the promotion is now running.

Aspen’s Twitch Stream

This will likely be my last update for this guide until the start of Overwatch League Season 2 (assuming they are running any streaming rewards like last year). I am glad that many of you found my guide and advice helpful. I hope all of you enjoyed the streams like I did.


Man, I only saw this guide now. I’ve watched over 8 hours of streams without a single spray, even tried relinking my Blizzard account. And the promotion is ending soon. This sucks. :frowning:


I have watched multiple hours on six different days, but the 6-hour tier still hasn’t shown for me. Guess it’s too late now - I know they’re just sprays but still a slight disappointment. Like someone else said, with the Nano Cola event everything worked instantly. Posting for last bit of hope that maybe someone could help, I guess!

Hardware platform: PC
OS: Windows 7 and 10 (watched on two different computers)
App or Web Browser: Firefox 64.0.2, Twitch Desktop App, and Twitch Android App
Country of Residence: USA
Description of what I tried: Simply watched those streams when I could. After the last stream today I tried re-linking, and looking really hard in my hero gallery for the last items but they aren’t there.


Hey there Arcrinato, sorry I have been AFK since the promotion ended. At this point, you might try starting a web ticket with Blizzard. At the very least they will verify if you have your accounts linked or not, but if you did not acquire the sprays, I fear it is too late to do anything about it now.


I only received 3 tokens for watching all of the maps for the first day of season 2. I was using the twitch app on a tablet(model SM T113), I live in canada, no ad blockers. I had it running through all the maps and even the breaks,so I dont understand why I would get 3, when its one per map.


Hey everyone. I’m still looking into it, from what I could tell everyone (including myself) only got a single 3-token drop.

I do believe we’ll just have to keep calm and move along. They might get us caught up later, they might not. Once again that’s one of those things that’s difficult to go back and adjust. Last time this happened was during the all-star weekend and tokens was later reimbursed days after.

Thanks everyone for being at least patient with me, as a player I can only do so much to try and find information. Hopefully Blizzard will get this sorted out soon enough. Cheers!