GUIDE: Overwatch Twitch Rewards Troubleshooting and FAQ - BASTET Spray Rewards Updated


Did you manually inspect your Hero Gallery? (See my post above.) Also verify that your link to your Blizzard account is correct. You can inspect which BattleTag is linked to your Twitch account by going to look for the “:white_check_mark: Blizzard” icon and hover your mouse over it to see the Blizzard account linked to your Twitch account.


Okay found them, there’s so many sprays now you really gotta look super closely huh. Thanks.


Yep. It can be a bit confusing.


So I have recieved the notification in twitch that I have unlocked the Ashe sprays, but I have yet to recieve them in the actual game. How do I activate them in game, or how long will it take for them to appear in my account?


Please double check your Hero Gallery, remember they do not show in the same area as the rest of the Ashe sprays, but with any sprays with the Blizzard Bonus Icon icon.


Oh! I didn’t even think of that! It’s there! Thank-you!


I got the sprays yesterday, no issues.


Is moxxy available for drops? He claims he is and he has most viewers right now but I don’t see that drops enabled tag


If you don’t see the drops enable tag he is not an eligible user. Remember a streamer must have their BattleNet account linked to their Twitch account in order to become eligible.

Unfortunately, I don’t know if there are any other restrictions for streamers such as making sure a BattleNet account needing to be in “good standing”.


semi related, if I buy the all access pass at the discount does it count towards next season?

Also, thanks again for the settings guide, I got my little work potato from 30fps upto averaging 60, it’s a massive improvement.


I do not believe so, the purchasing page specifically says “for 2018”. I strongly believe (but have not yet confirmed) that there will be an all-new Twitch All-Access Pass for the 2019 Overwatch League Season.


Would be pretty nice if banned accounts were automatically unsynced tho, I don’t need msgs telling me that my banned acc has received skins


they should just go all out and send a jpeg of Dva’s salt spray if they’re going to bother doing that.


Hey @WyomingMyst can console players earn the sprays too?


Yes they can. They must have not only a Battlenet account linked to their console account, but also their twitch account as well.

My guide above has explanations on how to do both procedures.


Thanks man!


This guy is quite the suck up.


Just as a friendly reminder everyone, today is the last day to acquire the Ashe Twitch Sprays. I will try to be online throughout most the day, so be sure drop a post if you still have not earned them but have been trying to get them (and remember to check many of the Troubleshooting and F.A.Q.s in the starting post). Once the promotion ends, this topic will very likely be unpinned again (until the next promotion). Again, thanks to Community Manager Tom Powers for keeping the topic pinned during these promotions.


Been watching way more than 2hrs of OW streams during this event and gotten nothing. Every stream has had the little notification on the lower left side beneath the stream window and my bnet account is linked. I got the d.Va promotional things for watching streams with no problems, and I have also gotten all the free lootboxes so idk what the issue is here :frowning:


Have you tried unlinking and relunking your account? What device are you using to watch?