GUIDE: Overwatch Twitch Rewards Troubleshooting and FAQ - BASTET Spray Rewards Updated


I have the Creators update and have watched in Chrome. The only tokens I have ever received came from watching in the app though.


Why tf don’t I have any of my all access pass loot dude? I do everything then have nothing


What troubleshooting have you done? Again have you linked to a Twitch account? Are you a console player and if so have you linked to your console account?


I am receiving league tokens from watching the matches, but when I cheer I do not receive any of the special skins. Did I do something wrong?


If you have cheered enough for each bits, make sure to click the redeem button on the Twitch Overwatch League page.


Just as a follow up if you have questions about the Pink Mercy collectibles you can acquire through watching eligible streams, check out this guide from Tom Powers here:


As a follow up, I wish to remind everyone for the Pink Mercy Sprays and Skins, they will be issued in batches, FURTHERMORE, will NOT notify you in the webpage notification panel if you earn these drops (unlike OWL Token Drops). [EDIT: Twitch notifications are now working.] Please check the Hero Gallery in your game account frequently as you watch the streams!

I have also been informed that Blizzard is investigating issues with the special Player Icon not being distributed. EDIT: This is now resolved.

Cheers! (^^)v


Do you gain Twitch view time only when the stream is active?


Correct and it has to be the advertised stream shown on the app launcher. Queene and Cuppcake already did their charity streams.


I think I’m having an issue connecting my account to twitch,

I’ve tried connecting in firefox and chrome, as well as through my phone.
Blizzard says I’m connected, but twitch doesn’t. Even though I’ve gotten a drop on twitch I haven’t received it in game yet and it’s been 19 hours.

Any ideas?


Remove the link from the Authorized Applications list on Blizzard’s website, then attempt to link the account on again.


Unfortunately that didn’t work.

So I tried making a new twitch account and it connected…
I guess it’s a problem with my twitch account.

Not receiving charity sprays (PC)

how many overwatch league tokens can I get when link Blizzard account with MLG and watch the live game?

Only 4?? For a complete game with 4 maps?
So I need watch 25 games to get 100 tokens that is enough to buy a skin?

Each time a map victory occurs, not only will eligible viewers receive a token, but a percentage of lucky fans also will be awarded 100 League Tokens.



I recently spent 500 bits to unlock the Quote Emotes for Twitch Chat, however all 10 of them still show as “Cheer Now”. Did I do something wrong? Is there a time limit? Is there a link in the chat I should’ve seen? Please help, thank you!


I don’t like that I have to keep focus on this stream to earn drops. I do not participate in chat and I often just sit back and watch. The browser doesn’t see me online and I miss out on drops. I purchased the VIP pass and it’s a little discouraging.


I have not been receiving League tokens for the entirity of Stage 3. I have only received League tokens once, at the end of Stage 3. I play on the Xbox One, and have linked my Live account to my Battle Net account. I am always signed in and watch through the Overwatch League Website. I watch on an iPad Air 2 through Safari. Do you have any ideas as to why I don’t receive the League Tokens?


Hey, has anyone recieved the away skins for OWL All-Access Pass. Because i haven’t. I purchased the pass before the end of Stage 3 and expected to get them on May 16, stated in the annoucement, but i still havent got them yet. i wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this, or is it just me. If so, then please help.


If you go to “Loot” there is an option for “The Players Pack” and you have to click “Redeem”. They should be in the game afterwards.


is that the same for console?


I’m sorry I’m not sure regarding console: I’m a PC player. I clicked Redeem for the Players Pack and the skins were in game for me.