Guangzhou Charge vs. Shanghai Dragons - FINAL

May Melee • Week 1


Guangzhou Charge
Shanghai Dragons
League Points: 0
League Points: 0

Final Score


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Alright, I am ready for Overwatch League, and I am ready for the big multi-day online Geology conference starting today. I look forward to learning how to make a proper resume for a Geology job, while also learning a bit about the geology in the area of Springfield, Missouri.

Well that “rocks”

As a reminder everyone if watching on, the green circle is now pink.

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stupid o’ clock squad represent

I’m impressed at how well ZP can PBP cast to compensate for Doa. This pairing might not be so bad.

I see the APAC transmission issues are back… lolz

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Well, Torbjorn (which almost worked for the Charge) and Junkrat (kinda) has been used in that Control map, so all that is missing is Roadhog and we will have seen all the heroes used in one weekend!

I swear Doa was probably waiting ever since seeing the Grand Finals to pull off that green screen joke…

Gawl that was so cringe…

And that’s our first pause of the match…and that’s the first taco to go flying!

APACStrikes Again!

This is a scene that would fit nicely with the Donkey Kong theme

These casters sound so dull.

I am going to call that a Fleta Deadlift… feel free to mark that off your OWL 2021 Bingo Cards.


My two favorite teams, Fuel and Dragons plays on the first weekend, im happy.

Sad the other caster havent turned into rap god like Jake when they got disconnected.

When they say late night and its noon in my country xD

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Map 1 delivers a close battle, but Map 2 ends in a draw, meaning we will have at minimum 2 additional maps.

Lijiang Tower (Control): Shanghai Dragons 2, Guangzhou Charge 1

Blizzard World (Hybrid): Shanghai Dragons 3, Guangzhou Charge 3

MATCH SCORE: Shanghai Dragons 1, Guangzhou Charge 0

NEXT UP: HALFTIME, followed by the second half of Guangzhou vs. Shanghai.

Okay, now THAT is a Fleta deadlift.

Okay the broadcast is broke now again soo… How is the weather? Its rainy here.

That time for Shanghai was fast, but it was not in the top 5. 1 minute 42 seconds is the OWL record (Florida Mayhem attacking Washington Justice, June 5, 2020.).

On a side note, that record was broken by University of Maryland in the Collegiate Grand Finals last weekend.

While it took 4 maps to do so, the Shanghai Dragons start off on the right foot.


Lijiang Tower (Control): Shanghai Dragons 2, Guangzhou Charge 1.

Blizzard World (Hybrid): Guangzhou Charge 3, Shanghai Dragons 3.

Dorado (Escort): Shanghai Dragons 1, Guangzhou Charge 0.

Temple of Anubis (Assault): Shanghai Dragons 2, Guangzhou Charge 0.

FINAL SCORE: Shanghai Dragons 3, Guangzhou Charge 0.