GTX 1060 cant get over 30fps

Took a break and came back to the game and now cant get over 30fps when in game. I get 60 in the loadscreens and menus just not in the actual gameplay. Also what is wierd that I get 144fps in the spectator mode and in kill cams.

Im running a duel moniter set up with the game being played on a 144htz monitor.
GTX 1060 6GB
i7 4.2

I haven’t changed anything to my set up since rienstalling the game. The game is picking up the 1060 as the active graphics card and it is updated to the newest drivers. The game is set to lowest settings and refresh rate is set to display based. I get 144fps in all other games just not with overwatch. Please help this has been annoying me for awhile.

have you tired setting the fps limit to 300 instead of displayed based?

Yes I have, I also just tried changing the cable which didnt help

have you tried putting your settings to low? I know quite a few players do this because there’s not much difference in graphics but you get much higher fps.

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Yes all my settings are on low, changing them makes little difference

Replying so you can report back. I may not be around, but I hope that solves it.

Ive used razor stuff all the time and never had issues before

Correct, that’s why this is a new post that the staff added to the stickies. The issue surfaced after the recent update to Overwatch.

Okay i’ll try the razor fixes