Groups and Matchmaking in Overwatch

Which bugs? Any of these A list of Sombra's Many, Many Bugs (6)

I quote Fitzy (worlds best Sombra main?):

The PTR fixed Sombras buggs? Hahaha. No. No, no, no.


Since grouping will make the game so much more enjoyable will you be lessening the restrictions of who can group together? Sure my buddy may be 1200 SR above me but that can’t matter too much before Masters.

Plus, don’t forget, you can treat it like leavers. “Murrrrrr, there’s a 50/50 chance there’ll be someone with low SR on the enemy team and not yours”

I highly doubt they will widen the spread allowed. There already is enough cries for reducing it (see my post just below the original post for details).

Exactly. These Sombra bug fixes are laughable. I’m getting the impression that they don’t actually know how to fix her LoS bugs, otherwise it would’ve been fixed by now.

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Can we please keep the hero balance/bug discussion in a separate topic? The original post has nothing to do with the hero balance or technical functionality of any specific hero, now while Scott Mercer did take a quick moment to address that there were bug fixes for Sombra on the way. I suggest discussing them in the PTR Feedback forum appropriately and not derail this topic.


yeah, I’ve noticed this phenomenon even above the performance SR cutoff. If its intentional you think they’d mention it?

Define “some” Sombra bugs. Is it the important stuff like Hack breaking without losing line of sight and Hack randomly switching targets or is it just cosmetic stuff?

Awesome post. Maybe I’ll try 6 stacking for that slight advantage. Anyway, can you give us any ETA on when 1.25 will go live? Thanks! :slight_smile:

If the trend continues I asume that said bugs are not the crippeling line of sight bugs but the ones they introduced for in with the PTR itself. You know: the cooldown bug and the hacking healthpack to so it becomes red bug.

There has been no official word past this last dev comment (click here). I am personally hopeful for a launch by next Tuesday.

First, this is excellent information regarding groups. One of my concerns was that I’d play against groups that were just monumentally better than mine - and that often felt the case. Good to know there are hard statistics that prove otherwise. :slight_smile:


I understand that balance and bug fixes are not your area of expertise. Is there any way that someone who does take care of those things can confirm what will be happening with Sombra? Because she is in such an awful state that a few bug fixes don’t seem like something to celebrate… :confused:

Third, would there be a possibility of seeing a history of your matches and match-ups?

With all due respect Mr. Scott,
2 of the bug fixes on Patch 1.25 were caused by the same patch when symmetra rework hit PTR.
Only one bug was fixed that was effected on the live version.

I would highly suggest that Avoided Players never be able to group up with Avoidee.

If you don’t implement this, they’ll eventually find out when they try to queue??

I don’t think the Looking for Group system allows a player to see a group listing if there is a Avoid this Teammate conflict. Though I have never tested it.

But only 16% players don’t group up

be cool if it did. Consider this. I invite Joe and Joe invites Bob. Bob is on my Avoid Player as Teammate list…

I will test it tonight when I get home, I have an alternate account specifically for testing which I can use to find out.

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Alternatively, I invite Joe. I invite Bob. Joe has Bob Avoided. Thank you.

Thank you for acknowledging them. I hope you continue fixing more of them in future patches, because right now they are the main reason Sombra is not performing so well in the game.