Group Players Based On Rank

None of this within 1000 points nonsense. Q times be damned. If you aren’t in that rank, you don’t play with that rank.


Both groups have the same average SR/MMR so it’s fair. If you want a minimum SR range you would have to wait 30min+ at diamond/masters.

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you should try the LFG system. it allows you to do exactly what you’re asking for.


Have you guys ever thought about fixing LFG? There have been several problems that have been vocalized and yet nothing has changed since its release.

For example, adding a bit more incentive to actually use it since there are very few players using it and grouping takes some time and people don’t like waiting, as you’ve probably found out by now

LFG was the solution to the 2-2-2 debate all along


On NA Servers at least, LFG is pretty much dead for Competitive even during Peak Hours.


Have you seen the LFG system? There are COUNTLESS throwing groups on there.
Visit — imgur .com/a/oe4wwrq ----
And see for yourself. This is just a small collection of throwing groups. THIS is the biggest problem with this game right now…throwing.

High rank players throwing to bronze. Ruining games for other players while they de-rank and then destroying bronze players when they are getting paid to boost other people. No wonder why people can’t get out of bronze.

Thanks for listening.


Hi Jeff, I’ve made some suggestions about how to improve LFG.

  • Make it possible to play Arcade games while waiting for players to join group. I’d like to be able to play Quick Play Classic while I wait.
  • While You Wait should also be available.
  • If a player leaves a full group, it should automatically restart the search
  • Autoqueue when the group is full
  • Filter by language so I can see which groups are for English speakers.
  • Many groups are set as “Any” to find players faster. Let them also autoqueue into Competitive if desired.
  • Ability to save templates. Saves me having to rewrite the title every time
  • Make it possible to view replays while in a group (doesn’t have to be with the group. Just on your own would be fine, but currently you can’t do this when you are in a group). This used to be possible with patch 1.46 but patch 1.47 removed it.

It’d make Role Queue quite unncessary.


I just used it and there were multiple groups I could join for multiple roles. o_o And we’re all locked down in quarantine, so I can’t imagine a better peak time lol

The issue with this s that if you’re the type of player that uses LFG to play Overwatch it’s assumed you’re looking for a coherent compositions and cooperative teammates. In order to get those you need to “interview” and inspect newcomers to your team.
Are tanks that entered your team diverse in their preferred tank pick? Does any of your dps play htscan? Are both your supports Ana/Mercy/or whatever mains and you have to kick one out…?
Finding a perfect group is almost impossible without communication and organization before queuing and if you don’t care about all that than it makes no difference if you solo -duo the regular queue rather than form a full team.

This is why autoqueue is counterproductive (maybe it took a long time to find a team and someone went afk to use the bathroom), and why “why you wait” shouldn’t be used/popular during a team search. Because how are you gonna form a team and play at arcade at the same time?

Agree 100%, nothing to do with LFG persay, me and my duo mate loved going over replays while waiting in regular queue.

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Lfg system? Ah the system people use to ‘‘abuse’’ the system weakness, because there you see high sr deranking groups and people searching someone to boost them on higher ranks


So If I’m 2,500sr I can’t queue with someone who’s 2,499sr. That’s just stupid…


Please get rid of the +/- 250 SR limit for lfg comp. People have been using the general section for comp games, and the lfg system in general needs to be updated, but getting rid of this would do a lot to help it. The number is arbitrary, and tbh there shouldn’t be a number for it. It should be based off of comp rules for your SR bracket, and that’s it.

I got two Throwing Groups and Two actual Comp Groups, and one was for Diamond and one was for my rank.

You should add perks to the Solo-Queuers compared vs groups.

How many times your system put me as solo queuer vs a party 4,5,6 having zero chances to win.

  • 4 players party they should receive 7% more damage, they should deal -7% less damage and their ultimate generation ratio should be increased 7%

I will not lie to you. As soon 6 soloers vs a premade of 5. I just leave the match. Sorry but i will not waste my time

Mr. Kaplan, I agree that more people should utilize LFG since it is there. But I’d also have to say that argument could have also applied for 2-2-2 comps. :stuck_out_tongue:


thats kinda been my reply anytime someone said we “needed” RQ (leading up to it)…i think if it had been improved a bit we couldve avoided a LOT of sweeping game changes

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Jeff being sassy and adopting the passive/aggressive tone of forum users, I love it.

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Isn’t getting a team based off what you want (hero wise) and players around the same rank enough incentive? Why should people be handed out gifts to use a system?

I personally see 2-2-2 being added for better balancing which is slightly there but has a way to go. Tanks and supports no longer have to be balanced so picking 3 of each is better than 2 of each with 2 dps. The competitive open queue has already been seeing GOATS return. 3 tank and 3 support is still very strong.

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fun fact: your teammates arent based on SR…its based on MMR

Honestly the lfg system doesn’t even work you put on the no mics required filter and it literally shows Mic required games lol